Taloa Foster: Drunk Mom Falls Out Of Moving Pickup Truck, Toddler Takes Wheel On Four-Lane Highway

Taloa Foster, Oklahoma police believe, was so drunk on Thursday morning that she nearly caused a tragedy when she actually fell out of her moving pickup truck on a four-lane highway in Ada, Oklahoma — but an unlikely hero stepped up, literally, to save the day and prevent what could have been a horrifying drunk driving disaster.

According to a report by the Ada News newspaper, the 33-year-old mom of three-year-old twins was driving with the two boys in the car at about 8:45 a.m. on Thursday when she somehow ended up outside the vehicle as she traveled east on Highway 1 in Ada.

That left the two twin toddlers in the moving vehicle — without a driver.

Without a driver, that is, until one of the quick-thinking 3-year-olds managed to stand up on the front seat and reach the steering wheel. Miraculously, the toddler somehow managed to navigate the car to safety, with no injuries to either of the little boys.

Police said that the 3-year-old steered the car for a distance of about three long blocks, drifting across all four lanes of the highway, and somehow managing to avoid any oncoming traffic. Finally, the pickup truck crashed into an embankment on the westbound side of the highway, according to a Reuters report of the frightening incident.

Luckily, two Ada city employees — Jason Goodwin and Lyndon Sutton — were also driving east on the road not too far behind the wayward pickup truck. They pulled their city work vehicle up behind the stopped pickup, as Foster walked along the side of the road toward the scene of the accident.

The city workers parked their own truck behind the pickup and turned on the vehicle’s flashing lights to keep oncoming traffic away from the pickup, with the two little boys stuck inside until rescuers from the city’s fire department as well as Oklahoma State police made it to the scene.

The police conducted a field sobriety test on Taloa Foster, and then arrested her on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, even though the clock had still not reached nine in the morning.

The state troopers searched the pickup truck, and found a liquor bottle almost empty on the floorboard, according to the Ada News report.

Foster told the officers that one of the toddlers had unbuckled his seat belt, and she was reaching over trying to get the little boy safely fastened back into his seat when she somehow fell out of the pickup. The mom did not suffer any significant injuries.

The strange case is far from the first instance of a mom allegedly driving drunk with her own kids in the car.

Catherine Durham drunk mom

Previous Inquisitr reports have covered such cases as an incident in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in May when another 33-year-old mom, Catherine Durham, became so inebriated while drinking at a local bar and restaurant establishment that the bar manager followed her out to her car and demanded her keys, worried that the woman could barely walk when she left the bar and would therefore be unsafe to drive.

But when the manager looked inside the parked vehicle, she saw an 8-month-old baby, Durham’s own daughter, strapped into a seat in the car.

Angela Godfrey drunk mom

In another incident, taking place in Florida, also in May, Angela Godfrey, 41, took her kids to a movie in a local multiplex, but somehow emerged so plastered that when police showed up after other mall patrons persuaded her not to drive home, a breathalyzer test showed that her blood alcohol level was 0.374 — more than four times the legal limit.

As for Taloa Foster, she was charged with child endangerment, and her twin boys were placed in the custody of their grandparents.

[Featured Photos by Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Taloa Foster Facebook]