Angela Godfrey: Drunk Mom Tells Officer ‘I’m Not A Cheerleader’ During Sobriety Test [Report]

Angela Godfrey, a 41-year-old mom of a seven-year-old boy, found herself in trouble Saturday after taking her young son to see the much-maligned movie Pixels at the Epic Theatres multiplex on Highway 27 in Clermont, Florida. Sadly, according to police accounts, she joined what appears to be an ever-growing list of drunk moms arrested on charges that they drove under the influence – with their own kids in the car.

As Godfrey left the movie theater complex with her son in tow, other moviegoers notified police that the mom appeared blitzed — but was about to get in her car with her child. Her fellow patrons tried to stop Godfrey from getting into her car and driving with the boy in the car, but she insisted. Luckily, they were able to delay her until police arrived,

The incident comes just a week after another drunk Florida mom, April King of Apopka, attempted to have her son blow into a breathalyzer tube required to unlock her car’s ignition.

Godfrey’s child has now been removed from her custody and sent to live with the boy’s grandparents, at least for the time being, after cops showed up and found the woman attempting to back her car out of its space and she protested at their request that she take field sobriety tests.

According to the police account, Godfrey, who lives in the tiny town of Gotha, Florida, was having a difficult time standing up and swaying back and forth. She smelled strongly of alcohol, the officers said in their arrest report.

They also wrote that when Godfrey was asked to raise one leg to demonstrate her sense of balance, as part of the sobriety check, she protested, telling the officers, “I’m not a cheerleader!”

She reportedly admitted to the officers that she had consumed two glasses of wine. But two glasses of wine appear unlikely to account for the blood alcohol level recorded on a breathalyzer at the scene — a level of 0.347, more than four times the legally allowed maximum in Florida, and most states, of 0.08.

The officers charged Godfrey not only with driving under the influence, but with child neglect as well.

There have been several instances this year of intoxicated moms driving with kids in the car — or in one case involving Minnesota mom Rena Giancherio, driving away drunk while a child clung desperately to the side of the car.

Angela Godfrey now faces a court appearance to be arraigned on the charges, scheduled for September 8.

[Image: Lake County Jail]

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