Man returns $276,000 to armored truck company, gets a t-shirt as thanks

A Syracuse, New York man who returned $276,000 in cash that had fallen out of an armored truck was thanked with the gift of a t-shirt and gold coin.

Hanson Herring was one of two people on the scene when a Brinks armored truck sped by with bags of money falling out an unlocked and unsecured side door. Along with a local shop keeper and off duty police officer, Herring managed to gather $276,160 in cash and coins in 14 bags. Two bags, containing $60,000 are still missing, and authorities don’t know if they were taken from the scene, or somewhere else along the trucks route.

Herring told CNN that although he was surprised to see the money, he never thought twice about not returning it. Sadly he didn’t mention what he thought of the pathetic reward. The armored truck company is refusing to comment.