Trevor Noah Hesitantly Praises Donald Trump On ‘The Daily Show’

When one thinks of politics, the names Trevor Noah and Donald Trump don’t go together. However, as the Hollywood Reporter reports, Trevor begrudgingly praised Donald Trump over what he had to say about 9/11.

“Trevor Noah had difficulty saying Donald Trump was right about something on Monday’s The Daily Show. Noah was discussing the back-and-forth that has been occurring between Jeb Bush and Trump over whether or not George W. Bush kept the country safe during his term as president. Noah showed tweets and video clips of Trump and Jeb arguing about 9/11.”

In a video clip, Trump said that Jeb Bush was wrong to say we were safe after the World Trade Center buildings came down just because of his brother and — at the time — United States President, George W. Bush. The Daily Show audience laughed as Noah struggled to praise Trump.

Trevor Noah appears to be getting a little more comfortable with his role on The Daily Show. He hilariously put CNN to task for listing the Democratic debate poll results. Noah noted that CNN put an asterisk for O’Malley’s poll percentage results instead of being honest and just putting a “0.”

On Tuesday night, Noah also talked about the suggestions that both he and The Daily Show are shilling for Hillary Clinton.

“And I don’t appreciate the implication that I’m some sort of Hillary puppet. Okay, because if I were a puppet, I would and will always be Geppetto’s puppet.,” Noah said, which was followed by laughter.

Trevor Noah has been under fire lately for allegedly ripping off an almost 20-year-old joke from Dave Chappelle. He has been criticized by both right wing and left wing outlets. It wasn’t a surprise that the right-wing website Breitbart was very critical of Noah’s alleged plagiarism.

“Because he is a Precious who the mainstream media will need to put Hillary Clinton in the White House, this story isn’t getting much national attention but the Internet is a abuzz with the news that Daily Show host Trevor Noah is being accused of stealing jokes from comedian Dave Chappelle.”

Breitbart describes the joke that Trevor Noah told and the same joke told by Dave Chappelle in 1997. Both are very similar. However, Breitbart was wrong at the time for suggesting that the media wouldn’t get much national attention; it was a huge story last week.

Salon, a left-leaning site, also talks about the similar jokes in a negative light. One would think that just because Noah supports the left, Salon would support him. However, that’s not quite the case as the article talks about dropping ratings and, most importantly, offbeat tweets. The article focuses on the history of joke theft and puts it in the context of Noah’s alleged plagiarized joke.

Trevor Noah may be facing some difficult times with ratings, but it could just be a beginner’s hardship phase. He has received some good reviews for his brand of comedy and uniqueness.


“Assured, handsome and with a crisp delivery, Mr. Noah was a smoother presenter than Mr. Stewart, who made an art form of sputtering and exasperated face palming,” wrote the New York Times.

Mr. Noah also seems to be garnering a lot of positive tweets.

Do you think Trevor Noah’s ratings will eventually rise on The Daily Show? Let us know in the comments section.

[Feature photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images]