William Crum: ‘I Don’t Care’ Driver Who Swerved Into Motorcycle Is Busted, Gives Bizarre Excuse

William Crum was caught on a horrifying video Saturday swerving his car into a passing motorcycle carrying two passengers — a man and his girlfriend who are lucky to be alive today. The video went quickly viral after the motorcycle driver posted it on his Facebook page, quickly accumulating more than 3 million views, not only for what appears to be an outrageous and deliberate act by Crum, but for the 68-year-old’s shocking reaction when another motorcyclist confronted him after the frightening crash on a rural road near Granbury, Texas.

When Brian Fisher, who recorded the video on a helmet-mounted camera, approached Crum and demanded, “What were you doing? You hit them!” Crum repeatedly responded, “I don’t care!”

And then, apparently in a strange attempt to justify what he had done, Crum told Fisher, “I got stung by a wasp!”

The astonishing viral video may be viewed on this page, above. Be warned — the video contains profanity as well as the violent impact between the swerving car and the motorcycle.

The driver of the motorcycle, Eric Sanders, miraculously suffered only superficial injuries and was on his feet moments after the heart-stopping collision. His female passenger, identified in media reports as Deborah Simpson, wasn’t as lucky.

According to a report by KTVT, a CBS Television affiliate in Dallas, Simpson was rushed to Harris Methodist Hospital with a broken wrist and deep lacerations on her arm. Sanders said in media interviews that Simpson is battling infections in her injured arm and doctors may need to amputate the limb to keep her alive.

By Monday, Crum had changed his excuse, saying that it was not a wasp but a spider that bit him on the leg, causing him to swerve his car at the exact moment Sanders and Simpson were passing his vehicle in the opposite lane.

“All of the sudden, I felt this stinging in my left leg,” Crum told NBC-TV Dallas affiliate KXAS. “I didn’t try to hurt anybody. It was a reflex from the pain.”

Crum later described his actions behind the wheel as “uncontrollable,” adding, “I felt the heavy sting and, reflex, whatever. My hand was on the wheel.”

But Sanders is not buying the excuse offered by Crum.

“He hit me on purpose. I don’t care what he said, I don’t care what his explanation is,” Sanders said. “I almost died.”

But Crum also added another bizarre explanation that appeared to indicate a degree of premeditation as he swerved and hit Sanders motorcycle.

“On that particular road, I’ve seen them do wheelies at 60 miles an hour, and I thought he was one of those,” Crum went on to explain. “I didn’t know there was a passenger.”

The video does not show Sanders performing “wheelies,” and on his Facebook page Sanders denies doing any wheelies on the road.

Initially, after Sanders posted the video taken by his friend Fisher on his Facebook page, police said they could not identify the driver of the car who told Fisher, “I don’t care” about hitting the motorcycle. But police quickly solved that mystery, arresting Crum on Monday.

Crum also told reporters that Sanders was passing him in a no-passing zone — a moving violation which Sanders acknowledged, but said that a yellow-line violation did not justify what he says was Crum’s deliberate attempt to injure or kill him.

Deborah Simpson was originally placed in an intensive care unit, but on Monday she was moved into a regular hospital room and her condition was upgraded to stable.

Deborah Simpson hit by William Crum

William Crum, who had no attorney listed to represent him, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was held on $150,000 bond — $75,000 for each count — and was set to remain in custody at least until a court hearing on Tuesday.

[Featured Photo by Hood County Sheriff’s Office]