Jeb Bush Believes Fellow Floridian Marco Rubio is Best VP Pick

Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida and the son and brother of both Bush presidents, has gone on the record as saying Sen. Marco Rubio is Mitt Romney’s best bet for a potential vice president.

Bush admits that he and Rubio are pals, but says also that he believes that Rubio is “the most articulate conservative elected official on the scene today,” and even says the young Republican is more experienced than Barack Obama was when he was elected president.

In an interview, Jeb Bush explains that he feels Marco Rubio is the most qualified of all potential GOP veeps, saying:

“Look, he has more experience than Barack Obama had when he ran. And the practical experience- he’s certainly got the intelligent acumen and fortitude to be a good president and I have a special place in my heart for him.”

Jeb continues:

“It’s hard to describe the pride I have for his incredible success and how he has moved in to the job of being a U.S. senator with humility, not trying to be an arrogant guy, to learn the trade if you will. And people in Washington really admire him.”

marco rubio and mitt romney

After acknowledging his “close relationship” with Rubio, Jeb Bush tells Charlie Rose that Rubio could provide a much-needed shot in the arm to Romney’s tepid campaign:

“I admire him greatly… He speaks with great passion about American exceptionalism. I think he would lift the spirits of the campaign and provide some energy. Governor Romney is running a very good campaign right now and closed the gap and leading in some polls, but I think this would be an added bonus.”

While Jeb also says that Chris Christie and Paul Ryan would be excellent picks, he denies any interest in securing the GOP VP nod for himself.