Theo James, Girlfriend Ruth Kearney To Tie The Knot After ‘Allegiant’ Film Wraps Up?

Theo James and girlfriend Ruth Kearney are allegedly planning to tie the knot once the British actor wraps up his commitment for the Divergent series of movies. Movie News Guide reports that the couple is engaged and might wed in 2017.

Ever since the Divergent film came out, rumors about Theo James and girlfriend Ruth Kearney’s break-up have repeatedly surfaced. This is because there are fans who have been expressive since then of their desire for Theo James and Shailene Woodley to take their on-screen relationship into the next level.

However, even if Theo and Ruth remain private about their romance, it appears that the couple is only getting stronger. Just last month, the two were photographed having a stroll in New York City. Theo and Ruth completed their casual outfits with sunglasses.

The two went public with their relationship in 2012 when the 30-year-old actor brought the Irish actress as his date at the premiere of Underworld: Awakening. Theo’s girlfriend once played a role in the ITV drama, Primeval, as Jessica Parker.

The 26-year-old captured Theo’s heart in 2009 when they both auditioned as artists at the Bristol Old Vic Theater School. Theo was seen checking out several jewelry stores last May. It was never confirmed if the actor was shopping for an engagement ring.

Even if Theo and Ruth have been together for six years, the Golden Boy actor is reportedly cautious of his actions when he’s with Shai. During interviews and press conferences, Theo allegedly tries to avoid questions hinting that there’s more to his friendship with Shailene. A Master Herald report claimed that Theo “doesn’t really care about what people think of him right now with regards to his love life and professional relationships.”

It isn’t the first time that Theo became protective of his personal affairs. In a previous interview with Flaunt magazine, he talked about his dislike for sharing “elements” of his private life to the press. He also explained the reason behind his lack of Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“I don’t have it and I never will. Other actors I know are really good at it and they rock and roll it, but it’s not for me. If I post a picture of us having a drink now and get loads of views or comments and stuff, then suddenly you’re quite exposed and you’re in a world of work. I just like being present.”

Shailene Woodley’s on-screen beau also avoids searching himself on Google.

“Most of the information is completely useless and it’s totally mind numbing, because it doesn’t actually add anything to your sense of self. And interacting singularly with an interface—there’s a limited amount of learning that can be experienced.”

To avoid the temptation of being curious, Theo reads books when he has free time because for him, it’s difficult to be distracted when you’re reading.

Meanwhile, fans are excited for the final two films of Veronica Roth’s novels. Apart from changing the titles from mere Allegiant Part 1 and Allegiant Part 2 to Divergent: Ascendant and Divergent: Allegiant, it was recently confirmed that the films would incorporate some changes.

Fans are hoping that the changes will include Tris and Four’s fate. Some have started online petitions to urge producers to alter the ending and change it to something that wouldn’t involve Tris’s death. Nonetheless, for Theo and Shailene, fans shouldn’t rant because there’s nothing wrong with how Veronica penned the ending. For the lead stars, the ending is a pivotal part of the film because Tris finally understood the meaning of making sacrifices, just like her Abnegation parents.

The films will be released in March, 2016 and 2017.

[Images via ITV, Instagram, and Andrew Walker / Getty Images]