No Happy Ending For Theo James And Shailene Woodley? On-Screen Lovers Talk About ‘Allegiant’s’ Bittersweet End

Theo James and Shailene Woodley might exhibit intense chemistry on-screen but nothing can stop film producers from sticking to Allegiant’s original ending. Fans who read Veronica Roth’s book already knew about the death of a key character.

Fans started campaigns via in an attempt to alter the bittersweet finale of Theo James and Shailene Woodley’s story. One campaign asks producers to release two different endings for Allegiant wherein one will be shown in the DVD extras. Another campaign persuades scriptwriters to deviate from the original ending to “give Tris and Tobias the ending they really deserve.”

A teacher named Stephanie Ziel even came up with an alternate ending for Allegiant. Tris didn’t die in Stephanie’s version which immediately garnered positive feedback from fans.

However, despite the pleas of fans, Shailene feels that Veronica penned a fitting end. She told Entertainment Weekly that the best-selling author made an “incredibly powerful” decision to not give in to mainstream “happy endings.”

“I love that she didn’t sort of buy into the breakdown of what most young adult books, like, the outline of what’s happened in previous young adult books. Men die all the time in films – heroes do. But a lot of sweet heroines don’t. And so I thought it was a very powerful, profound decision on her part. And I really love that she had the courage and the bravery to do that.”

Theo echoed Shai’s sentiments in an interview with Buzzfeed. For him, Tris is someone who loves to make sacrifices and Allegiant gave justice to that trait.

“I thought it was a natural — I thought it totally made sense. Her whole philosophy in life is selflessness and giving. She’s almost like a semi-Christ figure in that way. She’s endlessly selfless, and it seem like an obvious, natural course for her to give her life for the sake of others.”

Veronica Roth once said that she didn’t kill Shai’s character because she wanted to be ruthless. She said that the journey of Tris ended for she finally understood the meaning of selflessness in Allegiant.

Allegiant will be split into two parts with the first film’s release scheduled on March 18, 2016. The second half will hit silver screens a year after.

To celebrate the end of shooting for Allegiant, Ansel Elgort made sure to share a witty Instagram post. He posed with Theo and captioned the photo with a Fault in Our Stars reference.

Do you think Theo and Shailene’s characters deserve a different ending?

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