Bulgarian Archaeologists Unearth Proof Of Vampire Rituals

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered centuries-old skeletons which show an increase amount of proof based around vampire lore. According to the researchers the skeletons were pinned down through their chests with iron rods, a practice they believe was used to keep the dead from turning into vampires shortly after their passing.

Bozhidar Dimitrov, head of the National History Museum in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia revealed that two skeletons from the Middle Ages has so far been found in the town of Sozopol, located near the Black Sea.

Bodies were treated in this very same way since the beginning of last century but the new discovery appears to be one of the oldest in the countries long history.

While the skeletal remains do not point to proof that the humans were actual blood sucking creatures who devoured their human counterparts, it may offer proof that the superstition extended over vast areas of land as more skeletons pop up in various countries and countrysides.


To stop humans from turning into vampires an iron rod was hammered through the chest bone and into the heart. The thought process at the time was that people who died after leading evil lives would come back and feast on the blood of the living.

Archaeologist Petar Balabanov unearthed six similar skeletons in the eastern town of Debelt in 2004, he notes that the pagan practice has also been observedin Serbia and the Balkan countries.

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