Man Sues Hospital For Ignoring His 5 Hour Erection

A Massachusetts man is suing the Yale-New Haven Hospital after he claims that the hospital staff ignored his requests to be treated immediately for an erection that had lasted longer than the suggested amount of time.

Bus driver Daren Scott from Brockton, MA says that while driving a bus route from Boston to New York that he was hit with a inexplicably painful erection. After dropping off all of his passengers, Scott immediately drove to an emergency facility that is associated with Yale-New Haven Hospital. Once he explained his condition to the staff, they simply told him to go wait in the waiting area and that they would be with him shortly. The staff then proceeded to continue to watch a baseball game on television.

The condition that Mr. Scott was suffering from is known as priapism, and according to ABC it is a painful, rare disorder that causes the penis to stay erect for more than four hours at a time, without the cause of psychological or physical stimulation and it is most common in boys ages 5 to 10 and men ages 20 to 50.

Scott claims that after waiting a considerable amount of time in the emergency facility that he was then taken to the actual hospital where he waited another 4 hours to be treated. Once he was finally seen by a doctor, surgery was performed and he was released. The bus driver claims however that the surgery was unsuccessful and that he was in extreme pain for many months after.


Daren Scott is suing Yale-New Haven hospital for $2 million in damages for their lack of promptness in treating his condition.