Woman Faked Pregnancy To Trick Couple Who Sought Adoption

A woman has been arrested for faking her pregnancy in order to allegedly scam a married couple who have been hoping to adopt a child of their own. Opposing Views reports that Wenona McClellan has been charged with an assortment of crimes, which has only added to her lengthy criminal history. The details of this case serve as a heartbreaking warning to hopeful parents who could fall victim to scams involving their desperate need for children.

The unlucky couple in question — Jason and Byron Miller — had already experienced three failed adoption attempts before coming across McCLellan. The woman claimed that she was pregnant with twins, and even showed the couple sonogram of an actual twin-pregnancy. Jason Miller shared comments about his meeting with the woman.

“This woman walked into an adoption attorney’s office and said ‘Hey, I’m about to have a baby this week. I need someone to take these kids.'”

The Texas couple were ecstatic to learn that they would be parents of a set of newborn twins in the near future, so they emptied their 401k plan to finance a new nursery for their incoming bundles of joy. They even began paying thousands of dollars to Wenona McClellan to cover her living expenses and medical bills for her pregnancy. Jason’s husband, Byron, expressed his feelings with media sources as well.

“You’re thinking these are going to be your sons. Soon. We were so excited in that moment that she was actually gonna allow us to have her children and we were going to be new parents that if there were red flags, we didn’t see them.”

Unfortunately, things began to go sour when they became suspicious of the woman’s behavior. McClellan reportedly postponed her scheduled C-section, which was supposed to be the day their sons were to enter the world and become theirs. Not only did she cancel her C-section, she went missing as well. In other words, she took the men’s money and ran with it.

CBS News reports that Wenona McClellan has been arrested for violating her probation. She’s being held on bond in the amount of $500,000, after failing to comply with the terms of probation stemming from an arrest in April of this year. She had reportedly been arrested on at least one drug charge, and was ordered to comply with random drug testing among other stipulations. She did not comply with any of the terms of her probation.

To the heartbreak of the Texas couple, the pregnancy did indeed turn out to be completely faked — right down to the sonogram images she had provided to “prove” that she was pregnant with twins. They discovered this by noting that a copyright was visible upon close examination. The copyright was traced to a video that had been posted on the internet approximately two years ago. McClellan was not the owner of the copyright.

An investigation has revealed that the woman who scammed the Millers has a lengthy criminal history, which has involved theft and writing bad checks, as well as drug possession. In other words, Wenona McClellan is a career criminal who allegedly robbed this unsuspecting couple that only wanted to have children of their own.

This is not the first time a woman has faked a pregnancy in order to scam someone out of money. In 2011, a Kansas City woman named Roxanne Janel Jones reportedly faked a pregnancy in order to scam multiple couples into giving her money. She ended up pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, as well as to identity theft and mail fraud. Also, this year a Des Moines woman also pulled the same kind of pregnancy scam in order to take money from couples looking to adopt.

[Photo: Provided by The Millers/CBS DFW Local]