UFO Experts Comb NASA Mars Photo — Find ‘Evidence’ Of Long-Lost Mars Civilization In Building Blocks

Just a few days before NASA announced its stunning discovery of “flowing water” on Mars, top online UFO experts pored over a photo taken by the NASA Curiosity Mars rover and found what they say is evidence that an ancient civilization existed on the surface of the Red Planet. And this is not the first time that the online UFO research community has claimed to find concrete evidence of buildings on the Martian surface.

While skeptics are likely to dismiss the UFO experts’ interpretation of the NASA Mars photo as nothing more than the product of overactive imaginations, some more well-known personalities have dismissed the NASA findings themselves as a hoax.

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh said on his program this week that the discovery of water on Mars was bogus, and nothing but the product of a “leftist agenda” to scare Americans, and indeed all inhabitants of Earth, about the consequences of climate change.

In fact, Limbaugh predicted that NASA itself would soon join the online UFO researchers in the belief that an ancient civilization existed on Mars — or at least, Limbaugh believes that NASA will publicly announce such a belief, only to subsequently announce discovery of a “graveyard” proving that an ancient civilization existed on Mars, but was wiped out by climate change.

By Limbaugh’s standards, the claims of blogger Scott C. Waring and the YouTube UFO archivist “WhatsUpInTheSky37” appear quite sober by comparison.

“WhatsUpInTheSky37 found some interesting blocks that were obviously used in construction long ago,” Waring wrote on his popular UFO Sightings Daily site. “I’m not sure why archeologists ignore this evidence, but it needs to be looked at by a serious team or archeologists.”

Here is the original NASA photo from the surface of Mars in which the UFO hunters say they spotted the ancient building blocks.

“Once again it is a little blurry and has some blur spots at VERY suspicious places,” wrote WhatsUpInTheSky37 on the YouTube page containing the video, above, that features his analysis of the NASA Mars photo. “It is a gem for the anomalies hunters!”

And what are the “anomalies” discovered in the photo? The above video explains the alleged findings, and Waring also zoomed in on the photo to enhance what he says are “obviously” blocks used in the construction on ancient buildings.

Here is one of the “blocks,” seen in a portion of the image enhanced by Waring.

NASA Mars Blocks

Is that actually a piece of an ancient structure, or just a pile of rocks? Clearly, Waring believes that it is the former — and so is this block.

NASA Mars Blocks

The blocks — or whatever they are — are far from the first alleged ancient structures claimed to have been discovered by UFO hunters combing through NASA photos in search of any unusual detail.

In January, Waring uncovered what he said was a fully formed ancient structure on the surface of Mars, a structure that looked something like an airplane hangar or a quonset hut.

Waring described the discovery as “a long structure with cut off corners in ways only intelligent species could make. This is excellent evidence that life did exist and may still exist on Mars.”

What does NASA think of all of these supposed, fantastic discoveries in its own Mars photos? If the agency thinks about them at all, no one is saying. The discovery of flowing water on the Martian surface was momentous enough for NASA scientists.

Unfortunately, the Mars Curiosity Rover, though it is currently positioned only about 30 miles from a site that the scientists believes holds the water, will not make its way there to check out the fluids for itself — to avoid contaminating the Mars water with any dirt or germs that may remain from Earth.

Whether the newly discovered water on Mars could have supported an ancient civilization as the UFO hunters — and Rush Limbaugh — appear to believe will remain a question that NASA cannot answer.

[Images: NASA]