Park Shin Hye: K-Drama Actress Of 'The Beauty Inside' Praised For Putting Her Family First

When it comes to both television and film industries in Asia, the one country that is breaking barriers and surpassing expectations is Korea. Known for their excellent production and drive to appeal to other countries (especially English-speaking countries since they are often titled in English), K-dramas and K-movies are becoming viable forms of visual entertainment internationally. Within that production however, the standout detail has got to be the actors. Many of them are often praised for their craft, mostly because K-drama and K-movies have such a high standard, they too must deliver. This is very different from other country's acting industries where fame is at times more important than actually being able to act.

With that in mind, it makes absolutely perfect sense why Park Shin Hye is recognized as the best actress in Korean television and film today. This is because Shin Hye was highly dedicated to acting in which she reportedly worked non-stop for a little over two years. Starting with K-dramas in 2013, she portrayed Go Dok Mi in Flower Boys Next Door followed by a breaking performance as Cha Eun Sang in Heirs. One year later, Shin Hye did another breaking performance as Choi In Ha in Pinocchio. As for K-movies, Shin Hye starred in two major films. The first is The Royal Tailor when she played the Queen followed by The Beauty Inside in which she was one of several actors to play the male lead (yes, the male lead), Woo Jin. Let's not forget all of the K-variety shows, music videos, and singles she took a part of too.

Pinocchio Poster
Park Shin Hye's breakout role in Pinocchio was highly praised. The same goes for her male co-star, Lee Jong Suk.

Because of her dedication, Park Shin Hye is well-known and respected in the Korean television and film industry. However, what makes Shin Hye liked among her peers is how natural she is. Ergo, Shin Hye does not shy away in putting her family first over anything else, which is something many are recently praising her for.

Just to understand why Park Shin Hye putting her family first is such a big deal at this moment, there is a major harvest festival in Korea known as Chuseok. It is often celebrated as a three-day holiday which starts on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It is also during that time many celebrities rejoin their families in which Korean television will analyze which ones will exceed societal expectations when it comes to familial duty. Apparently, Shin Hye is one such actress to go beyond said expectations as seen in a recent broadcast of Section TV.

The Royal Tailor
Park Shin Hye was praised for her role as the Queen in K-movie The Royal Tailor.

This was highlighted in Review Star within the Korea Herald. They pointed out Park Shin Hye exceeds normal expectations by doing such things as providing her family a restaurant which continues to thrive today thanks to her participation in its business.

"Park Shin Hye presented her parents with a lifetime job. She directly offered to open the shop."
Reportedly, Park Shin Hye has committed to her familial duties since she was 10-years-old. When she is not working on any acting projects, Shin Hye is known to visit the restaurant with her friends and other prominent figures in the Korean entertainment industry. As a matter of fact, many others have spoken in support of Shin Hye's dedication to her family, especially the director of The Royal Tailor, Lee Won Suk, as reported by KdramaStars.
"She is such a hard worker, even at the restaurant her family owns. Imagine visiting her restaurant and Park Shin Hye is cooking barbeque at your table."
Probably the coolest detail about Park Shin Hye being praised for putting family first is that she's technically not doing anything at all pertaining to Korean television or film. She is currently out of the business for the time being to finish her degree. The fact Korean television wants to know how Shin Hye is doing despite not contributing to it at the moment just shows how popular she really is.

[Featured Image via Park Shin Hye International Community, 1st Post Image via Pinocchio Official Poster, 2nd Post Image via The Royal Tailor Promotions]