Stonehenge On Mars: UFO Expert ‘Discovers’ Mysterious Stone Circle In NASA Mars Photo

A UFO expert claims to have found a rock formation on Mars that he calls “eerily similar” to the mysterious English stone circle known as Stonehenge. But while Stonehenge is believed to have been constructed by an ancient civilization approximately 5,000 years ago, even the online UFO archivist who found the odd Mars formation in a NASA photo remains baffled as to its origins.

“Now, I know the formation isn’t an exact match (for Earth’s Stonehenge),” says the YouTube UFO hunter calling himself “Mister Enigma” in the above video. “Nor am I saying this is indeed a Stonehenge set-up. I’m just saying there is something strange about this area, and it looks very much like the mysterious ancient stones of Stonehenge.”

Here is the original NASA photo in which Mister Enigma first noticed the unusual rock formation.

Mars Stonehenge Photo

The image was then enhanced by another online UFO authority, Scott C. Waring of the popular blog UFO Sightings Daily.

Waring then laid out a schematic showing the strangely symmetrical layout of the Mars stone circle.

“This is something remarkable found by Mister Enigma of Youtube. It’s two circles of rocks and one square in its center,” Waring explained. “This is not the first time I have seen this. I have seen it many times in dozens of photos of Mars, always a circle. Sometimes with big rocks, sometimes smaller, but always on small hills only.”

Mister Enigma himself was somewhat less certain about the origins of the Mars “Stonehenge,” but couldn’t help asking the question of whether or not the formation is related to the Stonehenge in England.

“Just look at it and make up your own mind,” he says in the video. “Could the builders of Stonehenge have visited Mars and did they build the same thing there? Or did we have visitors teach us how to build these things, and do the same for lost lost beings on Mars as well?”

The admittedly interesting rock formation on Mars is not the first so-called Stonehenge in outer space. In May of this year, the Rosetta space probe photographed a formation of apparently balancing rocks on the surface of Comet 67P, rocks that also seemed oddly reminiscent of the terrestrial Stonehenge.

In fact, the NASA Curiosity Mars rover has also discovered what NASA researchers have called a “Stonehenge” on Mars, which can be seen in the video at this link. There’s nothing too mysterious about that Stonehenge, however, since it is only about one inch long — probably not built by UFO “visitors.”

[Image: NASA]