Man With Playground Fetish Arrested For Having Sex With A Slide

A man from Coventry, England has been permanently banned from children’s playgrounds after simulating a sexual act with a public slide on multiple occasions.

According to the Huffington Post, 46-year-old Christopher Johnson, who reportedly has a sexual fetish for playground equipment, was caught naked at a playground on July 1 of last year, engaging in some kind of sexual act with a slide. On Wednesday, August 18 of this year, Johnson was caught by horrified onlookers having sex with a slide a second time at Stoke Green Park. Four different people spotted the bizarre crime and called the police at 10:45 p.m.

To keep the incident from occurring a third time, authorities have ordered him to stay away from playgrounds and slapped him with a public indecency charge. Christopher Johnson pleaded guilty to the charge and agreed to the ban from public playgrounds. But having sex with a slide also got the man banned from other facilities besides outdoor playgrounds. Any location with a slide is off-limits, including leisure centers, swimming areas, lidos, or recreation areas.

According to the Telegraph, the man has also been ordered to undergo sex-offender treatment for 18 months, which includes a three-year Criminal Behavior Order and mandatory rehabilitation. Johnson was also fined several hundred dollars for the lewd act of having sex with a slide in public, including a general fine of £55, a victim surcharge of £60, £85 in costs, and £180 in criminal court charges. That totals about $600.

While it might seem strange that Christopher Johnson would risk so much to have sex with a slide, sexual fetishes for inanimate objects are not unheard of. According to Live Science, a sexual attraction to objects may be considered unusual, but it is not necessarily classified as a mental disorder, unless the fetish inhibits the person’s ability to function or potentially causes harm to others. This would be the case for Johnson, who was seen having sex with a slide by innocent bystanders and could have been spotted by children. Unfortunately for Christopher Johnson, he may never be able to fulfill his playground fetish again.

Though fetishes for inanimate objects usually affect men, there are a few famous cases of women becoming sexually and romantically involved with objects much bigger than a playground slide. The documentary Married to the Eiffel Tower follows Erika La Tour Eiffel, a woman who fell in love with the Eiffel Tower and claimed to have married it in 2008. You can watch the full documentary below, including stories about other women who fell in love with inanimate objects, including a fence and a carnival ride.