Ariana Grande Outshines Justin Bieber In ‘What Do You Mean’ Cover

Ariana Grande teased she was preparing a surprise for Houston fans at her Friday night concert in the Toyota Centre, but the audience came away with a version of Justin Bieber’s hit song “What Do You Mean” that may outshine the original, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Leading up to the performance, Ariana posted on Instagram a mash-up of her single “One Last Time” and the Bieber No. 1 single “What Do You Mean.” “Rehearsinggggg a lil sum to add to the show today,” the Instagram post caption read.

Grande fans were not disappointed with her surprise. Performing as a part of her tour, Ariana belted out lyrics to “What Do You Mean” that were posted to Youtube. Beyond complaints about the audio, several comments suggested that Grande gave a better performance than Justin Bieber did of the song.

Another angle of the performance was captured and posted on Youtube as well. This version of the performance appears to have Justin Bieber singing in the background while Ariana adds her stylish touches to the song.

A collaboration between Grande and Bieber isn’t the first. Back in April, Justin surprised Ariana and her fans at a concert by joining her on-stage, People reported. Justin Bieber wasn’t available to duet this time as he was vacationing with friends, the magazine wrote in a separate article.

Ariana has been in the news of late, finally telling her fans when she will release her next single “Focus.” Grande shared the news on The Tonight Show, and she battled host Jimmy Kimmel on a game segment that impressed her fans.

In addition to the October 30 release of “Focus,” Grande can be heard in another album dropping at the same time. The Disney compilation We Love Disney includes Ariana singing “Zero To Hero” from the animated motion picture Hercules.

Beyond her singing a hit Justin Bieber song – as well as her own – Ariana is stepping back in the world of acting. The 22-year-old will star in this fall’s Scream Queens, and fans can catch Grande and Emma Roberts each week promoting the show through a web-only “Between 2 Queens” segment.

The Justin Bieber smash “What Do You Mean” has broke records on its climb to the top, being streamed more than 21 million times. The song Grande covered is the biggest first-week release of any song, either domestic or internationally.

Do you think the Ariana Grande cover of “What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber is better than the original? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]