Ariana Grande, Emma Roberts Hype New Show With ‘Between 2 Queens’

Ariana Grande and Emma Roberts are building hype about their upcoming show Scream Queens with a weekly web video series entitled Between 2 Queens.

In their first installment of the weekly video series, Ariana Grande and Emma Roberts dish about several topics, including their first CDs and celebrity crushes, according to a recent article by Entertainment Tonight.

Grande and Roberts are on-set for the upcoming show in the web-exclusive short, and they use a “magic box of questions” to spur their conversation on this abbreviated talk show.

One subject that both Ariana and Emma agreed on was one of their first celebrity crushes with both stars selecting Orlanda Bloom. Emma included Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement as a celebrity Roberts had a crush on growing up. In addition to Bloom – as Legolas from the Lord of The Rings trilogy – Grande had another “embarrassing crush” she admitted to Roberts.

“Jim Carrey was like, my first [crush].”

Beyond their crushes, Ariana and Emma also shared nicknames, pet names and their playlists that cheer them up. Ariana had an eclectic mix of talent for her pick-me-up songs.

“Video by India Arie is great. Perfect Day, Hoku is great, and Wannabe, Spice Girls.”

Roberts agreed with her songs, but she went on to tell Grande that some of the “Love Me Harder” artist’s songs would be on the list Emma compiles.

“I have like a playlist on my phone that all me and my girlfriends all iTune. It’s just like that girl power pop, yeah. I think there are some of your songs on it to be honest.”

Scream Queens is a star-studded show featuring Grande, Roberts, Nick Jonas, Abigail Breslin and Jamie Lee Curtis. The series was created by the team that brought Glee to the small screen, and veteran actress Lea Michele from Glee will have a featured role. Scream Queens kicks off on Fox on September 22.

The video series Between 2 Queens featuring Ariana and Emma is a tongue-in-cheek nod to Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis, and the video series plays off the random questions asked in the Funny or Die videos.

Grande has continued her rising musical career and tour in the build-up to the TV show. Recently, the “Bang Bang” singer performed in San Diego with Prince Royce, and the headliner for an upcoming Disney soundtrack was warmly received by the Ariana fans in attendance, the Union-Tribune reported.

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