Baby Boy Found Dead In Teacher’s Car In Parking Lot Of Florida Middle School

A 6-month-old baby boy was found dead in a teacher’s car, who worked at Deltona Middle School, just after 4 p.m. on Friday, according to WESH. Apparently, the teacher – whose name has not been released – arrived at the school earlier that day for work and inadvertently left the baby in the SUV. After returning to the vehicle that afternoon, the baby was found dead in the hot car.

“It appears as though it was obvious that when the school resource officer came out here that the child had been dead for a length of time. That there was no sense in trying,” said Sheriff Ben Johnson said.

When the teacher of West Palm Beach, Florida discovered the child dead in the car, police officials were immediately notified. The teacher was “questioned at the scene,” but was not arrested in connection to the baby’s death. “It’s too early at this time to say whether or not we do have a criminal case here,” said Johnson. Police officials have not revealed her relation to the baby found dead in the car. They are only saying the “teacher was caring for the child.”

According to Orlando Sentinel, the infant was transported to a medical center where he will undergo an autopsy to uncover the exact cause of death. However, Johnson says that he believes heat played a big role in the child’s death. “You have a hot day, you have sun, and you have windows. You’re going to have heat,” Johnson said.

“Six months old, the poor child never had a chance,” said Jack Martin, who is a parent of one of the students who attends Deltona Middle School. “I really feel for this family. Really, really bad, because they don’t deserve it. Nobody deserves to lose a child.”

After the tragedy unfolded, the Volusia County School District released the following statement for Superintendent James Russell.

“I’m sending this statement on behalf of our superintendent, Mr. Russell. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family and the Deltona Middle School community. This tragedy has broken the hearts of all of us in the school district. We will stand by the family with love and compassion.”

Although the Deltona Middle School teacher is not facing any criminal charges at this time, that may change as the investigation continues.

[Image via YouTube screen capture]