Amber Frey Talks Jilting Scott Peterson As A Secret Witness, Says She'd Do It All Over Again

Amber Frey discloses more about her decision to jilt former lover-turned-convicted killer Scott Peterson. Peterson's mistress at the time later used evidence against him in aiding investigators to proof they needed in what eventually led to the conviction of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, back in 2002.

Frey interviewed with Matt Lauer on NBC's Today on Friday in a segment called "Where Are They Now?" about people in news stories that affected the nation.

As Frey imparts to Lauer, although her life changed and that of her children's, she'd do it all over again.

"It changed my life, (and) my children's as far as normal I guess you would say. We're doing good. I don't regret anything. As crazy as it sounds as what came out and whatnot, I would do it all over again because it wasn't about me. There was a missing woman carrying a child that if I had something that would help, without question (I would)."
Laci Peterson went missing on Christmas Eve in 2002 and her body was discovered in the San Francisco Bay four months later. Her baby's body was also found nearby.

While the grisly crime was top in the headlines, Frey insisted all along that she had no idea Peterson was married. She eventually started recording their conversations, which ultimately resulted in Peterson being convicted and sent to death row.

Amber Frey is the mother to two children -- 14 and 11. The 40-year-old still works as a massage therapist, but is still very much recognized by the public, as another Inquisitr article reported on fairly recently. It amazes her how "surreal" all of this continues to be in her life.

"Still very recognizable. It's not really ever gone away in that sense, that recognition. Very proud mother of my two children, doing great. They love their mother. It's been a road. It's been a journey."
Frey told Inside Edition back in February that even when she donned a hat and sunglasses while out in public, people still noticed who she was.

When asked what she'd say to Scott Peterson if she had the chance to talk with him again, she shares that she has really "nothing to say" to him. She added during the Inside Edition interview that she believed she was his next intended victim after ropes, knives, a shovel, and a map of her workplace was discovered in his possession.

As for the death of Laci Peterson, Amber Frey says it's possible no one will ever understand why Scott Peterson may have killed her.

"If anything, it's the same as anybody else, just why? Don't think we'll ever have those answers."
[Photo by Lou Dematteis-Pool/Getty Images]