June 29, 2017
Baby Doe: Bella Bond's Parents Were Investigated By DCF Before The Girl's Death

The unidentified baby girl whose body was found in trash bag in Boston earlier this year has finally been identified. Baby Doe, as police called her, was assumed to be about four-years-old. An autopsy did not show cause of death, and for months the police were completely stumped by the baby girl's case.

Finally, a tip led police to Baby Doe's parents, and the girl has finally been identified as Bella Bond, a 2-year-old baby girl from Boston. According to Yahoo! News, the girl's mother, Rachelle Bond, has been charged as an accessory, after the fact. Her boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, has been arrested for murder.

Bella's father has been identified, but this information has not been released. So it is yet unclear if McCarthy is the girl's dad, or simply the mother's boyfriend.

New facts are unfolding quickly now that the baby girl has finally been identified. The Department of Children and Families is now known to have been involved with Bella's family when the girl was a baby. Rhonda Mann, DCF spokesperson, released the following statement.

"DCF has not had an open case with this family for over two years, but did have brief involvement with Baby Bella as an infant. Our thoughts are with Bella's extended family as the investigation into her death continues."
The Department of Children and Families did not elaborate on why they were led to investigate the baby girl's parents, but apparently the case was opened only briefly in 2013.

WCVB5 in Boston reports the Suffolk County District Attorney, Daniel Conley, did not specify how Rachelle was involved in the death of her baby girl, except to note that it's possible she helped in the placement of Bella's body on Deer Island.

"We hoped against hope that her death was not a crime, the evidence suggests otherwise. This child was murdered. She was a true innocent, her very name means beauty.

"We have powerful evidence that has provided us a manner of death that we will be able to prove in court."

Originally, when police had little-to-no clues regarding the identity of Baby Doe, a composite photo of the girl was created using her remains. As you can see by the following tweet, the resemblance is very close.Stay tuned as we learn more about the life of sweet baby girl Bella.

[Image via Facebook]