Florida Woman Had 3,714 Knives And Swords In Her Home When Arrested After 5-Hour Standoff

A Florida woman had 3,714 knives, swords, hatchets, and machetes inside her mobile home when she was arrested by Hernando County deputies on Thursday. Each room of the trailer held about 500 “bladed weapons.” There were no guns found in the house trailer.

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Denise Moloney said the deputies do not know why the woman identified as Nickcole Ellen Fay Dykema, had 3,714 knives and other bladed weapons inside her trailer. It is not illegal to collect such weapons or to use them as wall-to-wall decorations.

“It looks like she [Dykema] had an obsession with them,” Moloney said.

Florida deputies also found an altar with skulls placed around it inside the Brooksville home, KCCI News reports.

“It appears there was some satanic thing going on,” Moloney added. “She had pictures of pentagrams, there were fake body parts, the kind that you can buy from the Halloween store, and skeletons on the wall with knives protruding out of them.”

Nickcole Ellen Fay Dykema, 47, reportedly “booby trapped” many of knives, swords, and hatchets found inside the Florida trailer. The bladed weapons were placed inside the floors, under blankets, and in the yard around the mobile home. Five of the Hernando County deputies received cuts that required medical attention while searching the home.

Dykema, who is on probation, refused to come out of her home when officers arrived to arrest her on felony warrants. It took deputies five hours to complete the arrest, according to CNN.

The Hernando County woman reportedly violated her probation when she was caught cutting out the screens at a neighbor’s home on their home security camera. A probation officers barely missed getting hit in the head with a machete or large sword swung by Dykema when the attempt to arrest her first began. She also reportedly twice swung a large sword at deputies when they entered the home.

The Florida woman was shot at least two times with non-lethal beanbag rounds from a shotgun, and was shot once with a Taser, before she finally fell to the ground. She was treated for injuries sustained during the incident and then handcuffed and transported to jail.

“It amazes me that these deputies were able to take her into custody without anyone being injured. It shows the level of their restraint and professionalism under very difficult and dangerous conditions,” Sheriff Al Nienhuis said.

In addition to the probation violation, Dykema has also been charged with resisting arrest and assault on law enforcement officers.

[Image via Hernando County Sheriff’s Office]