Shannon Lamb: Delta State Shooter Left Apology Note Before Murders — ‘I Am So Very Sorry’

Delta State University shooter Shannon Lamb reportedly left behind an apologetic note after killing his girlfriend Amy Prentiss and a colleague named Ethan Schmidt.

“I am so very sorry I wish I could take it back,” the note read. “I loved Amy and she is the only woman who ever loved me.”

According to the Huffington Post, police released the note handwritten and signed by Shannon Lamb on Tuesday. It was found in the killer’s home, seemingly written less than an hour after Lamb shot and killed his girlfriend, Amy Prentiss, whom he referred to as his wife.

After he killed Prentiss, Shannon Lamb drove to Delta State University, where he taught, and killed co-worker Ethan Schmidt. Police chased down the shooter but would only find his body, because he had turned the gun on himself.

Minutes before, Shannon Lamb informed officers, “I’m not going to jail.”

Shannon Lamb also reportedly confessed the first murder to a 911 dispatcher before the second killing. Police released a recording of the confession, in which Lamb admits, “I shot my wife last night.” He refused to give his name but requested that authorities come to his home and “take care” of Amy Prentiss though she was already dead. He also informed the 911 operator that there was a “sweet dog” at the residence who was clearly upset about the death of his owner.

According to CJ Online, police are confident that Shannon Lamb had already killed well-liked history professor Ethan Schmidt at the time of the 911 call. Despite the fact that Lamb had no history of violence or a criminal record, and the fact that police have no obvious motive for the murder, it is evident that Shannon Lamb shot the professor three times in the neck, face, and eye.

William LaForge, the president of Delta State University, claims he wasn’t aware of any conflict between Shannon Lamb and Ethan Schmidt, but that there was “obviously there was something in Mr. Lamb’s mind.” The instructor had just requested a medical leave of absence from Delta State for an undisclosed health issue.

The death of Amy Prentiss is equally mysterious, as the two had seemingly been happily dating for quite awhile. Mike Shaffer, an entertainer who knew the couple, claims there was nothing unusual about Shannon Lamb and his girlfriend when he performed for them prior to the killing.

“Just a happy couple,” he said. “We were cutting up and throwing one-liners at each other. I mean, they both had a good sense of wit about them.”

Why do you think Shannon Lamb killed Prentiss and Schmidt?

[Note image credit: GAUTIER POLICE, Shannon Lamb photo: WLBT]