Subway Jared Fogle Wearing An Ankle Monitor While Awaiting Sentencing

Former Subway spokeman Jared Fogle is now living with his parents, and wearing an ankle monitor as he awaits sentencing for child pornography charges.

According to the Inquisitr, Fogle’s wife, Katie Fogle, filed for divorce as soon as the charges emerged about her husband’s dealings with child pornography, and his firing from Subway. Katie Fogle said she is “seeking the dissolution of her marriage, and her focus is on her children.”

KTLA in Indiana is reporting that they stopped by the home of Adrienne Fogle in Indiana, and saw the ankle monitor firsthand. They stopped by to interview Fogle, but as soon as he saw the camera, he walked away. His mother also refused to speak to KTLA. Jared Fogle is awaiting sentencing later this year for child sexual exploitation and child pornography charges.

NBC News is reporting that Subway is now acknowledging that they did receive one “serious” complaint about Jared Fogle in 2011, but because the sexual behavior was not “criminal” they did nothing at the time. This is why when the current charges came to light, they immediately severed their relationship.

“The harm he caused so many is inexcusable and we continue to extend sympathies to his victims and their families,” the spokesperson said.

Witnesses in Florida, Washington State, and Georgia all testified that Fogle had interactions with them in references to his current charges.

“Fogle repeatedly discussed with them his interest in engaging in commercial sex acts with minors or stated that he has done so in the past.”

Fox reports that the whistleblower, who was also once a franchisee, is glad she came forward and helped put an end to Fogle’s criminal behavior.

“I’m glad that I came forward and said something because I feel like I did something any normal person should do,” the whistleblower told Doran. “I’m glad that I was able to stop… but I also feel horrible they were being victimized.”

Do you think Jared Fogle will do the maximum amount of time for the charges of child pornography and child sexual exploitation?

[Photo courtesy of Joey Foley/Getty Images]