Michigan Woman Kept Disabled Brother Prisoner In Roach-Infested Bed For 7 Years, Police Say

A Michigan kept her disabled brother prisoner in his roach-infested bed for seven years, police say. Patsy Marshall, 59, and her husband, Andrew Green, 45, are accused of keeping the bedridden brother in almost total isolation and laying in his own urine and feces while holding power of attorney over the 62-year-old man.

Both Patsy Marshall and Andrew Green have been charged with abusing a vulnerable adult and unlawful imprisonment. The Michigan woman’s 62-year-old brother was found on a bed soaked with human waste and cockroaches in Mount Morris Township, the Daily Mail reports.

Patsy Marshall

Mount Morris Township police officers found the disabled senior citizen during a wellness check. The Marshall and Green home is reportedly located in the 3000 block of Pine Hill Place. The adult children of the victim do not live in the same state and reportedly became concerned when they were unable to reach him.

The victim’s children told Michigan law enforcement officers that they went to the home of their aunt to visit their father but were not allowed inside. Lt. Matt Lasky said the man’s adult children also noted smelling a foul odor and immediately called the police for a wellness check.

Andrew Green

The unidentified victim was reportedly severely injured while working at General Motors more than seven years ago. The law enforcement officers also stated that the disabled man was not receiving the medical care his health condition required.

Police investigators also determined that the Michigan woman’s disabled brother had not left the room to bathe or use the bathroom during the past seven years, ABC News reports.

The elder abuse victim was also reportedly restricted to just one meal a day and had virtually no contact with anyone else in the home. Police officers noted that the man was “mentally alert” when they entered his bedroom. He looked at the officers and said that he had had a dream earlier this week that “somebody was going to come and save him.”

Mt. Morris Township Police Chief Terrance Green said the man thanked the police officer repeatedly for saving his life. After being taken to a hospital for medical treatment, the 62-year-old man was transported to a senior care facility.

Andrew Green and Patsy Marshall are now also under investigation for theft. Police investigators are concerned that the Michigan couple was stealing money from the elder abuse victim.

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