Florida Woman Arrested With Thousands Of Bladed Weapons

Florida deputies thought they had walked into a scene of a horror movie early Wednesday when they arrested a woman and found thousands of bladed weapons, including knives, swords and axes inside her mobile home.

It happened in Brooksville, Fla., when, after a five-hour standoff, Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 47-year-old Nickcole Ellen Gay Dykema. During the standoff, Dykema attempted to injure one of the deputies in the head with a sword and was eventually subdued using a Taser and a beanbag shotgun. It was soon afterwards that they discovered she had far more bladed weapons than just one sword.

According to Sheriff Al Nienhuis, “She definitely tried to swing at one of the sergeants with a very large weapon. He would’ve been well within his rights to both legally or morally, and ethically to use deadly force on her. The fact that he didn’t is his call.”

“It’s by the grace of God that everyone went home safe.”

The Tampa Bay Times reports that, once Dykema was subdued, deputies entered her mobile home and discovered over 3,500 bladed weapons, including knives, swords and axes. Some of the bladed weapons were suspended from the ceiling fan or pinned to Halloween masks. A makeshift altar has been set up with small axes, fake body parts and miniature skeletons pinned to a tapestry.

According to Cleveland.com, the mobile home had no electricity or running water and there was a “powerful odor” in the home.”

Denise Moloney, spokeswoman for the sheriff’s department said there was obviously something very wrong, as no one should own so many bladed weapons.

“Nobody has (thousands) of knives.”

According to neighbors, they were terrified of Dykema and said she could often be heard banging on the interior walls of her home and screaming. They added that she had also slashed her screens and air-conditioning unit using the bladed weapons.

Dykema was arrested on probation violations, as she is forbidden from owning any weapons (let alone thousands of bladed weapons), but now has additional charges against her, including assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and criminal mischief with property damage. She is now being held in jail without bail.

[Image: Hernando Country Sheriff – Mugshot of Nickcole Ellen Gay Dykema]