Abused Girl Alleges She Was Forced To Eat Cat Litter Potpie By Her Mother And Another Woman

A young girl’s mother and another woman are in jail after being accused of child abuse and neglect. Allegations of child abuse made by the young girl states that the women forced her to eat a potpie covered in cat litter as an appalling form of punishment.

The teen told police she finally broke free after a beating, grabbed a cell phone, and called her grandmother for help.

Court documents say the girl was also punished for reporting abuse to a school resource officer in May. According to court records, the young girl was forced to write 1,000 times, “I will not call DFS for no reason.”

Fox 10 reports the 14-year-old girl was hit repeatedly if she couldn’t find the correct key for the women who were too drunk to unlock the front door.

The teen told investigators she had to ask permission to enter the home in Independence, Missouri, where she lived. She said her mother April M. Coulson and Mary A. Seutter forced her to walk inside the house backwards to make sure she could not see the television

Police say the women created a hiding spot in a closet at their home to hide the bruised girl from investigators.

KMBC‘s coverage of this unspeakable story adds claims by the young girl that Seutter forced her to eat a potpie that had cat litter in it, according to court records.

April M. Coulson, 36, and Mary A. Seutter, 33, were charged with one count of abuse or neglect of a child. According to court records, during police questioning, Seutter admitted to “smacking or spanking the victim on almost a daily basis and admitted that she had anger issues.”

The teen described Seutter as being extremely strict, including having a rule that the young girl must curl up in a fetal position and face the wall of the bedroom until she fell asleep.

Court documents say the teen alleged that Seutter hit her in the head with an open hand before yanking her out of bed, adding that as she tried to protect herself she was then hit in the head with a picture frame three times.

Police say the teen was kicked, slapped, and punched for not sleeping facing the wall, taking longer than five minutes to shower, using the restroom, or eating. In addition, she was not allowed to shower alone. According to Fox 10, prosecutors say one of the women wished the teenager would hang herself.

“I wish you were one of those 13-year-olds that would hang themselves.”

Neighbors and police say the two women were routinely extremely intoxicated.

April Coulson, the girl’s mother, admitted to police that she was a “horrible mother” who mentally and physically abused her daughter. She added she was often too drunk to remember what happened.

Both women are in jail, being held on $100,000 bonds.

[Featured image via Fox 4]