HISD School Bus Crash Update: 2 Female Students Dead, Witnesses Describe Tragic Bus Crash After Buick LeSabre Hit The School Bus [Live Video]

According to KTRK’s live update about the tragic HISD school bus crash, a driver in a Buick LeSabre hit the school bus, and the school bus hit the guardrail and couldn’t avoid going over it. Four students were on the HISD school bus when the tan Buick LeSabre involved in the crash hit the bus. A female student lost her life in the tragic HISD, and recent updates have confirmed that another student has died, as well, when it dropped nearly 20 feet. Both students were African-American females who died in the tragic crash.

Additional live updates can be found via an HISD hashtag search on Twitter, with news reports claiming that the school bus crash occurred due to a collision with the Buick LeSabre.

Anthony Martin described what he saw. Anthony, an eye witness, said that it sounded like something hit a brick wall when that HISD school bus crash happened. HISD police are investigating the incident that left two HISD female students dead and two male students seriously injured. The school bus driver was also seriously injured. The Buick LeSabre hit the left side of the bus, and the school bus driver couldn’t regain control of the bus after being hit. A local hospital is also confirming that they are treating some of the students involved in the school bus crash.

South Loop E and Telephone Road is the location where the tragic scene occurred. Those who are familiar with the Houston area know that there are plenty of feeder roads and high-looming roads and highways with guardrails.

“I was coming up Telephone Road on my way into work. I hadn’t got quite into work when I [sic] seen the bus come off the freeway. The police pulled up 3 or 4 minutes after that.”

The flustered witness of the school bus crash seemed in shock as he described being worried if the bus was loaded with kids or not. An eighth grader named Jaden was on her way to Kipp Academy when she witnessed the school bus crash.


“I [sic] seen the bus tires go flat. I was sort of scared because kids were on the bus.”

The young girl didn’t see the school bus land, but says that she was in shock upon witnessing the HISD school bus crash.

The broken guardrail can be seen down on the road, along with the emergency exits open on top of the bus. With likely a lack of seat belts on the HISD school bus — as most school buses lack seat belts — the tragedy of the deaths are especially horrific.

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