Scott Walker Union Restrictions Expected To Take Center Stage At Las Vegas Townhall

Scott Walker will call for stronger union restrictions if he becomes president, according to promos of a Las Vegas town hall meeting, which will be hosted by the Wisconsin governor on Monday evening. The GOP presidential candidate will possibly call for union restrictions which mirror those which were implemented in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker may propose eliminating unions for federal government employees, according to MSN News. The right-to-work rules implemented in his home stated were highly controversial, but supported by many workers who felt they were trapped in jobs where paying union dues was required.

Union bosses rallied against Governor Walker, with some elected Democrats walking off the job and neglecting to fulfill their duties by failing to show up for votes on the measure. Organized labor leaders claimed the right-to-work regulations would make it difficult for unions to organize. Supporters of the resolution by the Republican governor maintained that if workers felt union representation was advantageous, they could still vote to organize — they would just now have a choice in the matter.

Some of the Walker union restrictions proposals would have to be passed by Congress, while others could be enacted via an executive order, Bloomberg notes. The two-term Wisconsin governor said the goal of the organized mandates is to “to achieve fairness and opportunity for American workers.”

Scott Walker had this to say about union restrictions prior to the Las Vegas town hall meeting.

“This will not be easy. Many — including the union bosses and the politicians they puppet — have long benefited from Washington rules that put the needs of special interests before needs of middle-class families.”

Walker, 47, garnered national headlines just six weeks after taking the oath of office. The Wisconsin governor’s proposal to alter collective bargaining rules for the majority of public employees in the state prompted a recall election — which the governor won. The GOP presidential candidate was the first United States governor to ever win a recall election.

“I think if people are looking for someone who is truly going to shake things up and wreak havoc on Washington, they want someone who’s got real solutions and someone who is truly tested. I’m the only one on that stage that fits the bill,” Governor Walker recently said.

The following are highlights of the Scott Walker union restrictions proposal as shared by the Wisconsin governor’s presidential campaign committee.

  • Allow employers to give workers the option of taking time off work instead of extra pay, to compensate them for overtime.
  • Elimination of the National Labor Relations Board.
  • Mandating that federal employee unions disclose the amount of dues used for political activity.
  • End the Davis-Bacon Act. The federal statute requires government contractors to pay workers the prevailing wage. The controversial law has often been blamed for knocking out local private businesses from bidding on contracts paid for, at least in part, by federal funds because the workers are not union or are paid at a local living wage, which is not equal to union prevailing wage.

The proposed union restrictions will likely be questioned during the upcoming Reagan Library Republican presidential debate on CNN.

[Image via Andrew Cline / Shutterstock]