Tiger Woods And Lindsey Vonn Both Love U.S. Open Tennis

The U.S. Open is not only a great place to see some famous faces, it’s a hot spot for pro athletes other than tennis players, and for rubbing elbows with your ex. Both Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn were not only spotted, but they were snapping selfies and tweeting about the experience.

According to the Inquisitr, Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods are still friends, and keep in touch on their travels pursuing their respective sports. It seems that both have some down time right now, as Vonn is nursing an injury and Woods is putting his energy into his new restaurant, Woods Jupiter in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida.


U.S. News & World Report spotted Tiger Woods and his daughter, Sam, as guests of tennis superstar Rafael Nadal, seated in the Spaniard’s box at Flushing Meadows. CBS Sports reports that Woods also took the opportunity to take a selfie with actor Christopher MacDonald, aka Shooter McGavin.

“And can you imagine that conversation? ‘Uh, Tiger my man, come on over. You want to take a selfie with the Goat?'”

Sadly for Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal, Nadal lost that night and exited the tournament.


Lindsey Vonn’s allegiance definitely lies with pal Roger Federer, and she was there in his box to cheer him on against fellow Swiss tennis player Stan Wawrinka. NBC Sports reports that Vonn and Federer planned a sponsor-related tennis match in the Alps.

“It was a little bit difficult with the high altitude,” Vonn said in a video interview (with highlights of the match). “It was something I’ve never done before, being on the mountain and playing tennis. Obviously, I’m in the snow a lot for skiing, but never playing tennis, so it was really cool.”

“I think Roger wasn’t expecting me to be that good at tennis. I’m not very good, still, but I had some good shots, and it was good to get a point.”

Vonn has been a Federer fan after meeting the tennis star at Wimbledon last year.


Golf.com asked Vonn about Woods while she was catching some championship tennis.

“I’m doing really well. I’m feeling good,” Vonn said. “I have a good support system around me and we ended on good terms. It just didn’t work.”

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn still seem to have a lot in common. Do you think they have a chance of reconciliation?

[Photo courtesy of Rob Carr/Getty Images]