Lindsey Vonn Shows Tiger Woods What He’s Missing With Bikini Bod, Despite Injury

It seems that Lindsey Vonn’s star is rising. Despite a setback with her ankle fracture, Vonn is plowing forward through her injury following her very public breakup with Tiger Woods. Though Vonn has said publicly that the two are still in touch has tweeted her support for his career, Woods has not returned the sentiments, at least not publicly.

As reported in the Inquisitr, Lindsey Vonn has made diet, workouts, and training her priority in training for the next Winter Olympics. She was moving past the knee injury that kept her from the last games, and now she is dealing with the recent fracture of her ankle while training in New Zealand.

But for now, according to People Magazine, Lindsey Vonn is vacationing with friends and sharing photos of her ripped bikini body while working out in Mexico. Vonn has been working out on a girls’ trip to Cabo San Lucas with friends, with her ankle boot still firmly in place.

“So I had planned to go on vacation with my girlfriends and I almost canceled it because I hurt my ankle… But then I decided that spending time with my friends and being injured was better than being alone and injured. But just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean I’m not working hard,” Vonn captioned one of the photos.

Us Magazine is reporting that the trip to Mexico has improved Lindsey Vonn’s mood after the crash that fractured her ankle in New Zealand. They are also reporting that she is still in touch with Tiger Woods via text.

In the Daily Mail, Lindsey Vonn shared a photo and a caption of her beach workout.

“Friends don’t let friends miss ab day! #makingithappen #vacaworkout,” she captioned the snap posted on Saturday.

Vonn has decided to spend her down time with friends, rather than staying home alone, and getting back to a new course of training that accommodates her ankle boot from the injury. She is also using this as an opportunity to share her vacation and recovery with her many fans via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

From planks to push-ups on a surfboard, Lindsey Vonn isn’t letting downtime in paradise keep her from her workout.

Do you think that Lindsey Vonn will be able to recover from the injury and get back to the Olympic Games? Do you think Vonn and Tiger Woods have a chance of getting back together?

[Photo courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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