Campaign Of Rape: Men Who Repeatedly Raped Baby And Streamed It Over The Internet Sentenced To Total Of 78 Years In Prison

A group of seven men who carried out a self-described “campaign of rape” against a baby and two young boys have been sentenced to a total of 78 years in Prison. The men traveled hundreds of miles to have sex with young children, often streaming the heinous acts across the internet.

The seven men committed the acts of rape in hotel rooms, often drugging the young children so they would not struggle or scream. Each of the seven men received jail time for their part in the campaign of rape, according to Metro.

Judge Julian Lambert stated that the men were “physically sick,” according to BBC News, and that they conducted “the most grossly deviant behavior imaginable.” He went on to describe his disgrace that the men not only committed the crimes but openly admit to them.

“In the worst nightmare, from the very deepest recesses of the mind, at the darkest hour of the night, few can have imagined the terrifying depravity which you men admit.”

Robin Hollyson, 31, received 24 years for being filmed while abusing the baby. He also received eight years on license. Christopher Knight, 35, received 18 years for his part in the campaign of rape. Mathew Stansfield, 35-years-old, received 14 years. Adam Toms, 33, received 12 years, with four years on license. John Denham received eight years, with four on license. Matthew Lisk, 32, received four years, with an additional three on license. Finally, David Harsley, 51, received two years. Only Harsley will not be added to the sex offender registry until it is decided how long he will remain on the list.

Seven paedophiles who preyed on a baby and young children acted "beyond human instinct"
Seven paedophiles who preyed on a baby and young children acted "beyond human instinct"

The campaign of rape was broadcast over the internet, often showing one man raping one of the young boys or the baby while another masturbated in front of the camera.

Stansfield administrated a child abuse chatroom online. Judge Lambert was disgusted at the images found on Stansfield’s computer.

“[The]’utterly horrific’ images found on one man’s computer were the worst he had ever seen in his 11-year career.”

The campaign of rape occurred between 2013 and 2014, subjecting the two boys and one baby to a year of horrific abuse and agony. Although only three children were identified as victims in the case, there are potentially up to 21 more that were placed at risk. The ongoing investigation hopes to identify those children and ensure they receive the care they need.

[Photo Courtesy: National Crime Agency]