Joshua Ryne Goldberg Planned ISIS 9/11 WMD Attack, Hoaxed Jewish Site To Call For Palestinian Extermination

Patrick Frye

After the FBI had Joshua Ryne Goldberg arrested, it has come out that the Florida man had plotted a Missouri 9/11 bombing in the name of ISIS. But it turns out Goldberg may have also been responsible for hoaxing a prominent Jewish website, The Times Of Israel, in order to create an article calling for the extermination of the Palestinians.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a Chicago man wearing a turban and beard was assaulted days before the 9/11 anniversary, with his attacker calling him a terrorist like Osama bin Laden because of his religious observances.

The investigation into Joshua Ryne Goldberg began shortly after the Garland, Texas shootings at the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest. According to the indictment statement, a Twitter user named Australi Witness posted a map of the event and called for jihadists to attack with "your weapons, bombs, and knives." Elton Simpson, one of the two terrorists involved in the attack, was seen communicating with the @AusWitness3 account.

Through Twitter, Goldberg allegedly communicated with other Muslim terrorists around the world. They discussed the welfare of other jihadists and even a plot to "blow up the Queen of England."

"I was actually really disappointed when it didn't happen," wrote the AuWitness account. "The UK needs a new 7/7. They kill our brothers and sisters all over the world."

The FBI was also able to find an online statement which was posted on June 9, 2015.

"Recently, I have met two mujahideen online - one in Los Angeles and one in Melbourne - and I have successfully encouraged them to carry out jihad in their respective cities. Both of these mujahideen will, using guns, shoot up local synagogues when the maximum amount of Jews are praying. The entire thing was my idea, and I helped them every step of the way.... When Islam conquers Australia, every single Jew will be slaughtered like the filthy cockroaches that they are."

In actuality, it turns out Joshua Ryne Goldberg was really a Jewish American living in Orange Park, Florida at his parent's home. The conversations recorded by the FBI allegedly prove that Goldberg planned on placing a pressure cooker bomb at the Kansas City Stair Climb with the help of others living in or close to Missouri. The bombs would have been filled with nails, glass, and metal which had been dipped in rat poison in order to make them more lethal.

"I haven't made one before, but I've studied how to make them," Goldberg wrote. "Get FAR away from the bomb, brother. There's going to be chaos when it goes off. Shrapnel, blood and panicking kuffar will be everywhere."

The word "kuffar" is a disdainful term used to refer to non-Muslims. The recorded conversations also detailed how they felt that the Chattanooga shootings by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez had already been "forgotten." If an attack was made, Goldberg wanted it to be big.

As such, the ISIS member discussed targeting a 9/11 memorial which honored New York City's first responders. He was hoping the Kansas City Stair Climb would be the even with the "most people."

Based upon these conversations, the FBI began monitoring the Florida home of Joshua Ryne Goldberg. On September 9, 2015, the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force invaded the home and had Goldberg arrested. The indictment statement claims that Goldberg admitted to creating some of the messages listed earlier in this article in addition to providing information on making a pressure cooker bomb, so the FBI is saying they have "probable cause" to believe Goldberg was helping in the creation of a weapon of mass destruction.

In the fallout of the arrest, it has also become public that Goldberg was responsible for "hoax events" where he took over the identities of well-known personas. According to The Times Of Israel, Goldberg posed online as a prominent Australian lawyer named Josh Bornstein. Goldberg allegedly established this persona by writing inoffensive posts using Borstein's actual words. After establishing credibility, Goldberg allegedly used the name of Bornstein to publish a "hateful and racist post" in which he called for the extermination of the Palestinians.

"This man thought that he could willingly and maliciously distribute disturbing information via the Internet and never have his identity discovered," Australian Federal Police acting deputy commissioner for national security Neil Gaughan said. "This operation again highlights how law enforcement can investigate people in the online space and use our long-established partnerships to work with overseas agencies to bring people to account for their actions."

Based upon the plans for the ISIS 9/11 terrorist attack in Kansas City, Missouri, Joshua Ryne Goldberg is accused of "distributing information relating to explosives, destructive devices and weapons of mass destruction." If convicted, he faces 20 years in prison.

[Image via Facebook and the Sydney Morning Herald]