Explosions Heard At Phoenix Fire [Breaking]

Phoenix, Arizona, witnessed a major fire involving hazardous material this afternoon. Several explosions have been heard, and barrels have reportedly been seen flying out of an industrial building as a result.

Arizona's Fox 10 said firefighters rushed to "a business near 19th Avenue and Broadway" to fight the Phoenix fire that started at a building owned by a garbage collection and recycling service company called Solvent Recy-Clean.

Several photos of the Phoenix fire have already been shared on social media. A tall column of black thick smoke can be seen rising into the sky above the city.
AZ Family said employees near the vicinity of the Phoenix fire have been evacuated. The fire department also requested that people avoid the area around 19th Avenue and Broadway as the fire is still "active and dangerous."

People working near the site of the Phoenix fire said they heard major explosions, and fire officials said large tanks were burning and may pose a major threat to the area.

"When those big explosions happen we can actually feel the heat," ABC 15 quoted Mark Forti, an employee at a nearby business, as saying.

"I've never seen anything like this."

ABC 15 said firefighters have managed to gain control of the Phoenix fire and that "the smoke and flames" significantly lessened by 2:55 p.m.

Update: The Phoenix Business Journal, citing Phoenix Fire Captain Larry Subervi, reported that over 4,000 gallons of used motor oil were involved in fire. One of several 55-gallon oil drums "exploded and hit a power line" as the inferno raged on, the Phoenix fire captain said.

The used motor oil was part of Solvent Recy-Clean's inventory of used oil, fuel, and other oil products it collects and recycles.

Crews of hazardous materials specialists assisted the Phoenix fire crews in containing the flames. No casualties have been reported so far.

ABC 15 said at least 30 explosions were heard while the Phoenix fire was still burning.

Arizona's WAAY TV said the Phoenix fire was put out after it was under control at around 2:55 PM. Authorities are investigating exactly what caused the fire.