2012 Solar Eclipse Creates Ring Of Fire [Photos + Video]

Sky-watchers got a rare and spectacular treat last night as an annular eclipse created a ring of fire in the sky.

The event, which could be seen from Japan to Texas, dazzled millions of onlookers around the world. Some locations had their view hindered by heavy cloud cover, but most spectators were able to snap some amazing photographs of the annular eclipse.

One viewer told Space.com:

“I captured some great eclipse shots using a dual pane of glass to catch the eclipse reflection while being back lit from the sun itself. I also captured some reflections and shadows showing the eclipse crescent while capturing a robin.”

Another observer told CBS:

“It’s amazing. We do this for the awe (and) it has not disappointed. I am awed, literally floored.”

Another observer said:

“Smoke from a wildfire north of Phoenix produced a haze of smoke over the northern suburbs of the city, giving the sunlight an orange tint as the eclipse unfolded. The sky took on the look of sunset — whether from the smoke, or the moon blocking the sun, or both — even as the sun remained well up in the western sky.”

The amazing spectacle was created due to the moon’s position in the sky. The moon was close to apogee, the point in its orbit where it is farthest away from earth, so it appeared smaller in the sky and did not completely cover the sun. The moon covered about 94% of the sun, which created the amazing “ring of fire” effect.

Here are some photos from the eclipse last night.

Taken by: Twitter user Tamegoeswild

solar eclipse

From: Rider-Kid

annular eclipse

From Qhimm

flickr solar eclipse

In case the photos aren’t doing it for you, several observers also created videos of the rare eclipse last night.

Here’s a video created by photographer Cory Poole.

Here’s a video taken from Tokyo.

And one more from New Mexico.

Did you get a chance to see the annular solar eclipse last night?