Queen Elizabeth II Set To Become Longest Reigning British Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II is set to become the longest reigning British monarch. Sometime after 5:30 p.m. on September 9, 2015, she will overtake her great-great-grandmother’s record. Queen Victoria has held the record with a reign of 63 years, seven months and two days for over 100 years.

The Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has already taken the title of the eldest living British monarch. Celebrating her 90th birthday next year, she has decided to step back in her duties and leave them to her eldest son, Prince Charles. There are speculations that she will abdicate her throne to give her son a chance, but Kensington Palace has remained quiet on the matter.

Only four British monarchs have ruled for 50 years or more other than Elizabeth II. Two English kings also take that title, before England and Scotland was ruled under one monarchy. Henry III of England was the first to take the title between October 18, 1216 and November 16, 1272, followed by his great-great-grandson Edward III of England. James VI of Scotland/James I of England was the first monarch of the two countries to take the title, with a total reign of 57 years and 246 days. He was followed by George III.

According to KSBY, historian Hugo Vickers made a point that people who remember when the queen was not the queen are of a “certain age.” She was crowned queen at the age of 25 in 1952. Throughout her reign, she has remained dutiful to her country, and is known as the “most invisible visible public woman in the world.”

Despite not having a passport, Elizabeth II has travelled to 128 different countries, according to The Daily Mail. This has been over the course of 270 state visits during her years, with Canada the most visited of them all. Unlike her predecessor, Victoria, she has visited countries outside of Europe, including South Africa, Brazil and China. The 1970s was when she was most active, visiting 48 countries in 73 trips.

She was 21 when she promised to live for the Commonwealth, and that is something she has done. However, she noted earlier this year that her traveling days are numbered. She made a joke about doing her part, and is leaving it for her heirs to the throne, both Prince Charles and grandson Prince William. Most of the British public love Queen Elizabeth II, with seven out of 10 in favor of keeping the monarchy.

[Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images]