Peegate: Former Canadian Conservative Candidate Jerry Bance Urinates In Homeowner’s Coffee Mug

The CBC is reporting on Jerry Bance, the now-former Conservative Party candidate for Scarborough Rouge park, who was caught by a hidden camera in a 2012 CBC Marketplace episode, “When The Repairman Knocks,” urinating in a homeowner’s coffee mug.

The investigative news program was looking into the “skills and ethics of home repair services.” As part of the sting, the CBC mounted a hidden camera in a kitchen, and Marketplace host Tom Harrington posed as a homeowner who called Bance’s XPress Appliance Service and asked Bance to look into a leaky sink.

Video from the incident shows Bance kneeling beside an island in the kitchen, where he takes a coffee mug from a drying rack, urinates in it, and dumps the urine in the sink. Bance can then be seen rinsing the mug out and returning it to the sink.

The video of Bance surfaced on Reddit Sunday evening and sent the Canadian Conservative Party scrambling into defense mode, reports the Huffington Post.

“I deeply regret my actions on that day. I take great pride in my work and the footage from that day does not reflect who I am as a professional or a person,” Bance was reported to state.

Bance has been dropped as the Conservative candidate for the riding.

The hashtags #peegate quickly began to trend on Twitter, with thousands of observers tweeting puns and memes making light of Bance’s choice to urinate in a customer’s coffee mug.

Where to urinate is a problem often faced those who work on the road. Kamloops This Week has reported on seemingly endless bottles filled with urine that litter highways across North America, presumably left by truck drivers, either too lazy or worked too hard to stop and use bathrooms. While an overworked trucker may have some defense, why Jerry Bance did not simply ask to use the bathroom in the house is a puzzle that remains unsolved.

Jerry Bance’s former Conservative Party is led by current Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Canada is gearing up for an October election, now without Bance, which current polls suggest may see a new PM take lead, according to Global News. Liberal Justin Trudeau and New Democrat Tom Mulcair are seen as current front runners.

A fourth Canadian party, the Green Party, has also been making headway, yet its leader, Elizabeth May has been excluded from debates and is rarely mentioned in poll results, despite reports by the Ottawa Citizen that a majority of Canadians welcome her and her Green Party’s presence. May appears to have chosen to keep tight-lipped with regard to her thoughts on Jerry Bance and the peegate scandal.

The Jerry Bance peegate scandal seems to be the latest in a series of missteps by the Conservative Party. The CBC has also reported on Bance’s former Conservative colleague from the Yukon, Ryan Leef, who made headlines when he apprehended and handcuffed a resident who he caught in the act of defacing his campaign signs.

Bance’s former party helped push the highly controversial Bill C-51 through the Canadian Parliament this year. In an open letter to PM Harper, American Ralph Nader stated, “Unfortunately, your latest proposed legislation — the new anti-terrorism act — is being described by leading Canadian civil liberties scholars as hazardous to Canadian democracy.”

A Conservative replacement for Jerry Bance in the Scarborough Rouge Park riding has not yet been announced. A Twitter user mentions that a man who has been dubbed “AngryOldTory” is the likely Jerry Bance replacement, though this has yet to be verified. (The link provided leads to a video containing footage of an apparent Conservative supporter and gratuitous NSFW language.)

What effect the Jerry Bance peegate scandal will have on the Conservative Party’s already waning support remains to be seen.

[Jerry Bance Screenshot Courtesy of YouHitNews / YouTube]