Three Nashville Teens Accused Of Killing 16-Year-Old Kevin Ibarra In His Home

Kevin Ibarra, 16, of Nashville, Tennessee, who attended Cane Ridge High School, was found dead by his friend, lying on the kitchen floor of his town home with multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Daily Mail. At approximately 12:15 p.m. on Friday, Nashville police officials arrived at Ibarra’s home on 1900 block of Isabelle Lane where witnesses informed police officials that they seen two males entering Ibarra’s home while a female waited for them outside in a blue-gray vehicle.

It was later confirmed that the two male suspects were brothers Markeil Williams, 18, and 15-year-old Jalean Williams, who were arrested later that day.

The female suspect who witnesses saw driving the Honda Civic that waited in front of Ibarra’s house was Markeil’s 18-year-old girlfriend Shirin Khwaga of Singing Hills Drive, and she has since been taken into custody. However, before the three suspects were apprehended, they took police on a chase around 4 p.m. after their vehicle was seen by helicopters travelling on Mt. View Road.

Khwaga, who was driving during the chase, failed to “make a curve and crashed into a tree.” Jalean immediately hopped out of the vehicle and ran, but he was later captured after a foot chase ensued. Police officials found that Jalean had “two pistols and a plastic tub of marijuana” on him that was he was planning to sell – four guns was also found inside of the car, according to The Tennessean. Not only were the three suspects arrested in connection to the shooting death of Kevin Ibarra, but police officials believe the trio were involved in the murder of 20-year-old Cianan Napier, who was shot dead Thursday on Patricia drive.

“We think these three individuals have been responsible for the extreme violence over the past two days,” Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron said. “We surmise there is a dispute festering among a group of young people in their teens and early 20s.”

“We are making a lot of arrests, but the police can’t stop this alone. It will take the community. We need to constantly mentor our young people and teenagers and teach them that violence is not the solution to resolving disputes, particularly the extreme violence we saw Thursday and today.”


“Just because our city had a record homicide low in 2014, does not mean we can let down our guard,” Aaron continued.

Markeil Williams and his girlfriend Khwaga was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery, possession of marijuana for resale, four counts of unlawful gun possession and both felony and misdemeanor counts of evading arrest. And Jalean Williams was charged with four counts of unlawful weapon possession, misdemeanor evading arrest and possession of marijuana for resale.

This is a developing story.

[Image courtesy of David Calvert / Getty Images]