Epic Battle Between Scorpion And Black Widow Ends In Death, Animal Activists Claim Abuse [Video]

A video of a scorpion and a black widow battling it out to the death was posted on Reddit and quickly went viral. The tense battle has left many rooting for one side or the other as the two feared insects intertwine in a death match. However, some animal activists claim that the battle is no different than dog fighting.

The matchup is an interesting one; pitting the venomous black widow against the scorpion, which is also venomous. Both have the capability to harm or kill a human, so the clash against one another is intriguing.

The yellow scorpion is known as the ‘deathstalker’, according to Metro.U.K., and it is capable of killing a human with its venom-filled tail. The black widow’s lore has sent shivers down the spines of humans, and a bite causes excruciating pain in those that have been bitten.

The tense battle between the two insects leaves viewers in fits of anxiety as the winner is revealed at the end, although there are many opinions as to who the real victor is between the scorpion and black widow. For many, it is unclear who actually wins, but death is inevitable for the loser.

The video is a minute long, tense, and a nail-biter. View it below and share your thoughts.

First To Know argued that the scorpion was covered in the black widow’s web, revealing that the spider’s ingenuity positioned it in a good spot to be victorious. However, there appears to be a hole in the black widow’s back where the scorpion stung it.

Although many people would stomp on both creatures if they crossed their paths, there are some that are claiming the staged battle is a form of animal abuse and should not have taken place at all. The small, clear container that they are forced to battle in is not equal to their meeting in the wild and forces the pair to fight to the death against their own will.

Shannon Lewis compared the battle to dog fighting, claiming that it is animal abuse.

“Uh wouldn’t this be called as abuse to living things? Like cock fighting dog fighting [I] mean come on seriously”

She continued to defend her claim by stating that it would be different if the battle was filmed in the wild.

“[T]o me that isn’t mother nature it would be different if it was the wild but no they were put in there together to fight….”

What are your thoughts on the battle?

[Photo Courtesy: Imgur]