Malnourished Chilean Boy Kept Alive By Breastfeeding From Pregnant Dog [Video]

Chilean authorities rescued a 2-year-old malnourished boy from a mechanic’s shop where he lived. The kindness of a pregnant dog named Reina is credited for keeping him alive, as she allowed him to suckle milk from her nipples to provide him what little nutrition she could offer.

The strange instance of child neglect and abuse occurred in Santiago, Chile, according to the Huffington Post. The police were called to the child’s home after neighbors saw the boy drinking milk from Reina’s nipples at the local mechanic’s shop. The boy was very malnourished and nearly naked at the time, prompting a witness to call the police to investigate.

Police arrived and confirmed the boy’s condition and also verified that Reina the dog was breastfeeding him. Authorities examined the boy and determined that he needed medical attention to nurse him back to an appropriate weight for his age and to provide him with proper foods.

At the hospital, the boy’s mother arrived drunk, hoping to have her child returned to her. However, hospital staff and authorities refused to let the young boy leave with her. Instead, when ready, the boy was released to the child welfare authorities for further monitoring and care.

The child was living in conditions that were not ideal for raising children; the facilities were filthy and dangerous for the 2-year-old. With no parents around, the child sought companionship and motherly care from Reina the dog. Luckily for the boy, Reina is a kind and gentle canine, caring for him as she awaited her own litter of pups. If she was feral, the story could be told in a much different manner.

Reina the dog has been hailed as a local hero for her part in keeping the young boy alive and safe. Without her assistance, he might have died from starvation and neglect.

According to Metro, the boy’s parents have not been arrested, even after his mother showed up at the hospital in a drunken state. There is a family court hearing scheduled for September 22, which will determine if the child will return home or if someone else will care for him.

It is unknown how long Reina has been breastfeeding the young child, or if she would have continued after her puppies are born. The young boy is lucky to have had a best friend like her living next door.

[Photo Courtesy: Youtube Screen Capture]