Wisconsin Woman Holds ‘X-Husband Sale,’ Spray Paints His Car [Photo]

A woman in Superior, Wisconsin had a unique way of saying goodbye to her ex-husband, and also a surefire way to stall traffic in front of her house.

Drivers passing by the house on May 16th were able to see the reasons why the woman held her “X-husband” sale, putting all of his things in her front yard with a sign that said “free.” The car, presumably the “X”‘s held the reason for their divorce.

The Superior Telegram reported that:

“It was the once-green GMC Yukon SUV with flat tires and “cheater” and obscenities spray-painted all over it that slowed traffic to a halt and got the cameras clicking.”

Mix 108 reported that the woman gave truth to the statement “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” considering the damage to her ex-husband’s SUV.

Court documents obtained by the Superior Telegram showed that the woman living at the address filed for divorce last July.

A neighbor who spoke anonymously told the paper that the woman was helped by a group of people on Tuesday afternoon. The group helped her spray paint the car, and haul all of the possessions outside onto the lawn. The “party” was to commemorate the divorce being finalized.

The neighbor told The Superior Telegram that:

“It looked like they had a painting party…she cleaned out her husband’s stuff. I guess it was her kind of relief, her way to get rid of her anger.”

Police arrived at the residence around 4 p.m. and, after speaking with someone through the screen door, they towed away the car. The Huffington Post reports that the woman could have even foregone the “free” sign to make some money off of her ex-husband’s old belongings.