Australian Shepherd Lost In Yellowstone National Park For 42 Days After Car Wreck Reunited With Owner In Epic Fashion

An Australian Shepherd lost in Yellowstone National Park, who roamed the wilderness for 42 days, was reunited with his owner in epic fashion.

According to Quartz, David Sowers, a graphic designer who lives in Denver, Colorado, was reunited with his beloved 18-month-old Australian shepherd, Jade, after a very long search.

Sowers told the Missoulian that he was bound and determined to find Jade.

“I feel like my life’s been on hold for 42 days while I’ve been looking for my lost dog. Now my life’s finally back to normal again.”

Sowers and his Australian Shepherd were separated on July 23, when Sowers, who was on holiday in the park with his girlfriend, Laura Gillice, collided with another vehicle whose driver fell asleep on the wheel.

According to ABC News, Jade reportedly bolted from the truck as park rangers were trying to free her from her crate that was crushed during the collision. At the time, Sowers could not go after his lost dog because he had suffered major injuries from the accident, including a broken leg, arm, and ribs.

Since then, Sowers has made numerous trips to find his lost dog. Signs were posted and an Internet campaign started asking park visitors to keep an eye out for the lost dog. Traps with dog food were even set.

Over the past several weeks, there were reports of Jade roaming the park, but they could never locate their lost dog.

On Friday morning, Gillice was with their other dog when she saw something black and white across a meadow.

“It was a beautiful morning with the fog in the meadow and another couple had stopped to take pictures and out of the corner of my eye I saw this black and white movement. I just called to her in puppy voices. She just came running to me. It’s a miracle.”

Jade had minor scrapes and lost some weight but was otherwise in good health, said Sowers.

“She’s skin and bones, but otherwise she seems perfectly fine.”

Sowers said Jade, his once-lost-but-now-found Australian Shepherd, would be treated with bits of Spam to welcome her home.

[Image via Twitter/Quartz]