WWE News: John Cena Set To Win Back U.S. Title, Seth Rollins To Retain WWE World Title At ‘Night Of Champions’

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins accomplished something no one before him has ever done at WWE SummerSlam last month. He won the WWE United States Title and retained his WWE World Heavyweight Title. This made him a dual-champion. He is the only man to have held the titles at the same time. While others before him such as Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Ultimate Warrior, etc. have been dual-champions before, no one has held these two titles which makes Rollins a history making man.

While Seth Rollins did win the United States Title and retain his WWE World Title due to outside help from former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, one has to imagine that Rollins cannot hold onto both titles for very long. This past week on WWE RAW, the show ended when Stephanie McMahon shocked Seth Rollins by agreeing with John Cena that a rematch for the United States Title would happen at the WWE Night of Champions PPV in a few weeks.

The problem with this for Rollins is that later in the night, he had to face the legendary wrestling icon Sting for his WWE World Heavyweight Title. For weeks now, people have been under the assumption one title or both would come off of Rollins and they may be right. According to Cageside Seats, the plan as of now is for John Cena to win back his United States Championship while Rollins will beat Sting to retain his WWE World Title.

Plans with WWE can change at the blink of an eye, so WWE very well could have Rollins lose both titles. It makes total sense for him to do so. For example, Rollins would fight Cena for a while, but if he felt that the battle would go on too long, he would take the loss early to avoid hurting himself further. This would allow his body to be in relatively good shape when he faces Sting later in the night.

He very well could put his entire body on the line to beat Sting, and may very well do so. However, why in the world would WWE Money in the Bank winner Sheamus not take advantage of such a glorious moment and cash in on Seth Rollins to take his WWE World Heavyweight Title? Most feel that Sting could very well beat Rollins, due to the fact that Rollins does have to face Cena beforehand.

Either way, Sheamus has an edge because he could take a weakened Seth Rollins out or go after an older Sting who would have put everything he had in the match with Rollins to beat him.

It feels to most that Seth Rollins will not leave Night of Champions with gold. This could set up the potential face turn that has been discussed for Rollins. However, it is unknown where WWE takes things. The Authority would want the WWE World Title holder on their side, so regardless of who Sheamus cashes in on, Rollins will be taking a backseat to the title holder. If Sheamus were to take out Sting, Rollins does not get his rematch most likely which would cause some heavy tension among members of The Authority. It will be interesting to see what happens for sure.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]