WWE News: Big Update On Seth Rollins Face Turn, Sheamus MITB Cash-In Leading To Rollins’ Turn?

WWE Superstar and current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has been rumored for a babyface turn for months. However, it was all set to take place around this time. The original plan for WWE SummerSlam was that The Authority would turn on Rollins, setting up a match with Rollins and Triple H at the event. Before that, the rumor was that Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns would face Rollins in a triple threat for the WWE World Title.

Plans switched up quite a lot, but the turn is seemingly on schedule to happen. According to Daily Wrestling News, it is said that there is a good chance Sheamus cashes in Money in the Bank at SummerSlam. Going into the match, we’re supposed to have a controversial ending which would result in both men keeping their respective title. Sheamus would then cash-in on Seth Rollins. This would lead to him winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title, of course.

After this, the plan very well could get interesting.

It is said that The Authority will have chosen to side with Sheamus over Seth Rollins, meaning that Rollins is kicked out of The Authority, and he is now a babyface once again. The Rollins/Triple H match very well could happen during this rivalry. There is also a big chance, barring a heel turn by Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose, that The Shield could return to battle The Authority. This is not confirmed, only rumored.

What is said to be as close to confirmed as possible is that Rollins is set to turn and Sheamus is said to be WWE World Champion soon.

The current plan is to have Sheamus hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for some time. He very well could hold it until the first of the year or into WrestleMania 32. It could very well be an issue for Sheamus to hold the title that long, so someone like John Cena very well could take it from him before that were to occur.

WWE is still planning something big for John Cena once he wins his 16th World Title. The problem is that it cannot happen right now due to all the storylines that would get in the way. So, do not be surprised if we don’t see Cena win the title until sometime next year. He also very well could lose his WWE United States Championship within the next month or so, as well.

As for Seth Rollins’ face turn, it may not happen right off. He very well might not turn completely until the middle or end of September. If Sheamus does cash-in, obviously Rollins is going to complain to The Authority, and the story on him turning may take a bit of time to totally come about from the fallout of it all. However, it will happen.

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