'Bones' Spoilers: Season 11 Begins With 'A True Thriller'

Meredith Jacobs

After ending its 10th season with a finale that could have served as a series finale if the show had not been renewed, Bones is kicking off Season 11 with a storyline that puts one of its own in danger and brings in a new character to help find him.

As Bones Season 10 ended, Booth and Brennan left their jobs at the FBI and the Jeffersonian behind for something new, while Angela and Hodgins decided to stay despite seriously considering moving to Paris. While time will have passed between seasons (the premiere begins about six months later), new showrunner Michael Peterson told Entertainment Weekly that when it comes to Booth and Brennan's new jobs, one of them may be a bit more settled when it comes to that than the other.

"Booth is teaching at Quantico, so he's left the old life behind. Besides just giving birth to a child, Brennan never has trouble filling up her time. She's written books, she's done multiple projects. She's more in between than Booth. She's diversified herself into many projects, so she hasn't quite landed on the one."

But remember, Bones Season 11 is kicking off with Booth MIA, and Kim Raver is coming in as FBI Special Agent Grace Miller for the premiere and Episode 2 to look into what happened to him.

Peterson described those first two episodes as "a true thriller – somewhere between a traditional Bones and an episode of 24" for TVLine, which also has a photo of Raver's Miller (who could return after her second episode) with Aubrey in the field.

Fortunately, Booth isn't going to be MIA for long. After all, by October 29, he's back at work since he is part of the Bones crossover with Sleepy Hollow, and he and Brennan will be working with Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills. This also suggests that whatever is going to happen to Booth during his disappearance will probably not have long-lasting effects that impact his ability to get back to work, physically or even psychologically.

Also, David Boreanaz isn't even going to be missing from episodes, as TVLine reported, along with a statement from the actor, that upon his return to work on August 25, he filmed scenes for the Bones Season 11 premiere.

"Nothing matters to me more than Bones, so I was thrilled when the producers came up with a way for me to take a few extra weeks to recover from a personal health issue without delaying production. I'm happy to say that I'm now feeling great and will be back to work tomorrow, and that our 11th season premiere will broadcast on schedule – with me in it."

Bones Season 11 premieres Thursday, October 1 at 8 p.m. on FOX.

[Image via FOX]