‘Bones’ Season 11 Spoilers: Why Booth Is Missing, Plus What To Expect From The ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Crossover

Bones season 10 ended in such a way that there would obviously have to be a big event that would bring Booth and Brennan back to the Jeffersonian and their old jobs. Now, some new casting news has brought to light a big plot point of the beginning of season 11.

As season 10 ended, Booth and Brennan made the decision to leave their jobs at the Jeffersonian and the FBI behind and start anew with another baby on the way. They had left behind their jobs and left the work in the hands of their friends and colleagues, but with the series renewed for another season, it was obvious that that couldn’t last. It wouldn’t be Bones without Booth and Brennan solving murders together.

Previous details released about Bones season 11, as the Inquisitr previously reported, teased that “a murder unlike any other” would bring them back to work with their former coworkers at the Jeffersonian and the FBI from their new town and new jobs, but what does that mean with the latest news?

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Kim Raver (Grey’s Anatomy, 24: Live Another Day) will be guest starring in the first two Bones episodes of the new season as FBI Special Agent Grace Miller, who is involved in the investigation surrounding the disappearance of FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth.”

That’s right, Booth is going to be missing when Bones season 11 begins according to this new news, and that raises quite a few questions. Why is Booth missing? Who’s involved? How long has he been missing? Does the video Angela uncovered of Pelant at the end of season 10 have anything to do with it?

Furthermore, Entertainment Weekly has a few more details about why Booth is MIA from showrunner Michael Peterson, and it should be no surprise that it involves family.

“It’s a very personal reason. It’s a family reason. He gets involved in something that’s very close to home and is probably the only thing that would pull him away from the tranquil life that he was leading up until that moment.”

With Raver set to be part of the first two Bones episodes of season 11 (airing October 1 and October 8) and with the crossover with Sleepy Hollow scheduled for October 29, that gives them enough time to get Booth and Brennan back to work and in a position to run into Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills. According to the plot details that have been revealed, as posted by TVLine, Booth and Brennan’s investigation will lead to Ichabod and Abbie, who will then turn to the others for their forensic help.

“On Bones, the grisly discovery of human remains lead Brennan and Booth on a hunt for clues, during which they encounter Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills, searching for answers of their own. Realizing that they are after the same evidence, they team up to solve the mystery.”

“Then, immediately following on Sleepy Hollow, the intrigue continues as Ichabod’s old nemesis is back from the dead. Ichabod and Abbie need advanced forensic help and expertise to stop him and turn to Brennan and Booth to unlock 18th century secrets using 21st century science.”

Bones season 11 premieres Thursday, October 1 at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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