David Cameron Spends $450,000 Of Taxpayers’ Cash To Improve His Mobile Signal On Holiday

British Prime Minister David Cameron has come under fire for splashing $450,000 of taxpayers’ cash just so he can get a better mobile signal at his favorite holiday resort.

Much like the next man, Cameron appreciates the value of a bit of sun, sand, and surf. It’s tough being the top dog and running a country, that’s why Dave insists on taking regular holidays at the same time every year to recharge his batteries, unwind with a glass of something red, and carefully consider where to make the next cataclysmic cut in the U.K’s besieged economy.

One of Cameron’s favorite hot spots is Polzeath in Cornwall, where Cameron and his wife Sam Cam often visit to enjoy a spot of surfing and perhaps a donkey ride.

The only trouble is, although Polzeath may be as pretty as a postcard – and a safe haven to hide away from the pressures of the big city and forget about being Britain’s leader for a few lazy days – it’s a place, like many rural areas in the U.K., which suffers from little to no mobile coverage.

Which just won’t do, especially if you’re the British Prime Minister. How on earth can one send a picture message of one’s self cutting a fine figure on the waves to matey boy Barack Obama if the damned mobile coverage is just so blinking primitive.

What’s a Dave to do? Well, one can always take $450,000 in cash from the public purse and use it to purchase a 100-foot mast in an attempt to improve the area’s coverage.

The Daily Express reports that Cameron has decided to replace the existing 32-foot pylon with an imposing and hideously ugly mast in a bid to stay connected.

Polzeath natives have slammed Cameron’s pompous proposal and have called the Prime Minister’s designs “appalling.”

The mast will have a coverage area of five miles will only benefit just 74 homes. Angry local resident Mark Crowdy barked that Cameron’s folly was a “terrible idea,” and branded it an “eyesore.”

Picking up the gauntlet dropped rather recklessly by Cameron, Shadow Culture Secretary Chris Bryan blasted Cameron for being guilty of double standards, and criticised the Conservatives for falling short on their $250 million pledge to ensure nationwide coverage.

“Every day thousands of people have to live and work without phone signal because this Government can’t get its act together to sort it.

“Instead they’re spending taxpayers’ money so the PM can get phone signal on holiday.”

Much like Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned, if Cameron gets his mast, at least he’ll be able to text freely as Britain slides slowly into the abyss.

(Image Credit: Carl Court/Getty Images)