Former Cop Will Use 'Zoloft Defense' In Disturbing Rape Case

James Johnson

Former southern California police detective Anthony Nicholas Orban will use a 'Zoloft defense" as his lawyer attempts to defend him against the kidnapping and rape of a 25-year-old waitress who he took at gunpoint.

A judge ruled that Orban's lawyers could argue that Anthony was mentally "unconscious" and "totally unaware of his actions" because of strange effects the antidepressant had on his brain.

In rushing to his clients defense his attorney claims:

"But for the use of Zoloft, Mr. Orban would not have committed these acts. Here you have a police officer and former Marine who for the last 10 years has been dedicated to protecting his country and protecting his community. This was totally out of character."

Orban is pleading "not guilty by reason of unconsciousness" and if that defense fails he could find himself spending the rest of his life behind bars, not the most comfortable place to live out your life as a former police officer.

If found not guilty this case could set a dangerous precedent for other rapists who choose to take Zoloft and then use it as a defense against their own actions.