John Travolta Shares His Love For Wife in Private Video

On the heels of several sexual allegations by four masseurs, John Travolta has decided to share his love for wife Kelly Preston.

The video, which Travolta decided to let go viral, was intended as a Mother’s Day present for his wife Kelly Preston. Travolta’s wife released the video under her Vimeo account, which is set to the song “That Face” by Barbra Steisand. The video starts with the star dedicating the video to his wife of 21 years by stating “From me, to you.”

The video features dozens of private photos of the couple and their three children, the late Jett, Ella Bleu, 12, and son Benjamin Hunter Kaleo, 18 months old. The highlights are the wedding photos of the couple, and images that look to be recent of John kissing his beloved Kelly. The video comes to a close at four minutes and thirty-five seconds and ends with the sweet words, “With all my love, Johnny.”

While the couple isn’t exactly private with their love life, Travolta has never gone at this length to share his love. The actor hasn’t stepped forward to say anything publicly about the allegations, but this video might just be the actor’s not-so-subtle reaction to claims that he’s been sexually exploiting himself to male masseurs.

So far the first masseur to accuse Travolta of his sexual exploits has dropped the case due to fact that Travolta’s flight records were shown that he wasn’t even in Los Angeles, like the the accuser, simply known as John Doe claimed. However, the second accuser’s trial is waiting for a pending date to start.

Do you think this Mother’s Day video is more than a sweet message for Travolta’s wife?