John Travolta Lawsuit Update: First Accuser’s Lawyer Filing Dismissal

Last week, it appeared John Travolta was in for a protracted legal battle after at least two massage therapists came forward and accused the Saturday Night Fever star of some pretty explicit, detailed and frankly gross sexual misconduct.

John Travolta has been the subject of gay rumors in the past, and the fact that the masseurs were both male made the already juicy tidbit of the impending lawsuit even more attractive to the media.

But several aspects of the case seemed to lend credence to Travolta’s protestations that the claims were false- flight records showed that the star wasn’t even in Los Angeles at the time of the alleged assault (TMZ discovered and publicized that bit of information), and the two accusers were represented by the same lawyer- and seeking a relatively large payout from the star. Further, a costume designer who worked with Travolta vouched for the star’s whereabouts at the time of at least one of the alleged incidents.

Now RadarOnline is reporting that the former lawyer of Travolta’s first accuser (who is referred to as John Doe #1 due to the nature of the allegations) is filing for a dismissal in the sex suit after dropping his client when the discrepancies came to light. The site quotes the lawyer as saying:

“I’m going to file a dismissal of John Doe #1’s lawsuit on Tuesday morning, without prejudice. I could no longer represent him because he was speaking to the media against my advice, and it made no sense to me. I don’t think that John Doe will be pursuing the lawsuit,” Okorocha tells exclusively.

The John Doe released a statement which read in part:

“Even though Mr. Travolta and his counsel are on opposing sides in this matter, I do wish them good health, happiness, and want them to be judged with absolute fairness as our great nation affords all citizens regardless of their wealth or station.”

The lawyer will continue to represent the second masseur in the case against John Travolta.

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