Gilbert Flores Video: 41-Year-Old Man With Hands Raised Appears To Be Shot By Texas Police [Graphic Video]

The video of the shooting of Gilbert Flores, a 41-year-old man who may have harmed an 18-month-old and a woman inside the home wherein Flores is seen running outside and eventually raising his hands, is going viral on Tuesday, September 1. As seen on ABC News, Gilbert looks like he is raising his hands in the driveway, although in that video shot by Michael Thomas, a college student, one of Flores’ arms is hidden behind a pole. However, it appears Gilbert may have had both hands raised in the video prior to being shot by officers. Thomas said Flores was shot twice.

According to KSAT, there are two videos of Gilbert’s shooting floating around. KSAT chose not to show the moment Flores was shot in their version of the video. Gilbert was being pursued due to domestic violence accusations. The woman, whom Gilbert was accused of hurting, had a cut on her hand, and there aren’t further details yet about injuries to the 18-month-old.

“[Flores] put his hands in the air. They just shot him twice.”

For three minutes, it appears Flores is left in the driveway without cops administering CPR or aide to Gilbert. Flores later died.

On the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, the authorities are calling for calm in the wake of the shooting of Gilbert.

“In regards to the deputy involved shooting, we’re asking for calm and patience. We are diligently working to complete the investigation, so we can move to the next step. We want to get this right for the Flores family, our deputies and their families, and our community. Please be patient.”

Previously, the police posted a statement on their Facebook page about the Flores shooting video that seemed to blame Thomas for shooting and selling the video to the press — a common and standard practice — instead of addressing the concerns folks had about Gilbert seemingly getting shot with his hands up.

“Today, members of our local media chose to broadcast online unedited video of a man’s death. KSAT 12 paid a neighbor who filmed the tragedy $100 for the exclusive rights to the video. As a result, people from outside our community have bombarded us with inappropriate comments, and today, physical threats toward our deputies. These deputies have not been charged with a crime and a family lost their loved one. This is unethical and sad. Call KSAT and let them know what you think – (210) 351-1277. If you agree, let the local media know this sort of sensational behavior doesn’t fly in Bexar County.”

[Image via YouTube]